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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Flex, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. Flex

    Flex Administrator

    Hello All,

    Many of us have played in servers with broken and unbalanced mechanics. As a result, many RO players who are enthusiasts of competitive and organized WoE overlook the High Rate servers.

    Our team envisions to provide a balanced and competitive WOE scene in betterRO. We are curious to know your thoughts! Please feel free to share your ideas/suggestions and experiences.
  2. Jerax

    Jerax New Member

    i have played in darkRO(p2w server) and for like 3years, and other servers too. hope we can see balanced items and also donation items should never be IMBA, at most donation items for cool costumes with no effect should be ok

    broken woe mechanics came from revolutionized and innovative ideas made by some guilds until it is considered broken by the server.
    we gotta see the super woe first so my guild members can find whats broken

    some concrete woe strategies i have seen:
    bard+gypsy combo with them ensemble skills - Moonlight water mill but cannot be done at portal and another one is loki's veil
    slim potion pitcher alch - some servers have buffed this
    devotion pally strat
    Zerg rush and kamikaze
    stalker close confines
    etc ec

    cooldown (x secs) in asura strike since is HR server - to compensate (higher damage in WOE)
    improve blacksmith abilities in WOE (cart termination, cart revolution) and buffs.
    buff gunslinger's other skills other than desperado
    buff/mod other stalker's skills
    high priest holy heal can be their main damage, and a huge one too

    thats all i have for now im not that good but this is just what i can tell
  3. Flex

    Flex Administrator

    Thanks for sharing. With respect to zerg rush, in your opinion, how viable should this mechanic be? Should it be frowned upon?
  4. Deleted

    Deleted New Member

    Good insight!,, we will keep this in mind what we will guarantee is that we will keep everything balance as possible and have an open ear . As of now we do have a general idea of a fun and balanced WoE scene . See you guys soon!
  5. Jerax

    Jerax New Member

    it is normal for every server to frown upon this tactic but lone emp breakers should be given a chance to participate WOE. but it will not be viable if the big guilds have ankle snares all the way up to the emp
  6. ☆ Kiel D-01 ☆

    ☆ Kiel D-01 ☆ New Member

    Hello Better RO Staff ~
    I hope the server will not implement an item with 3 or more Status effect Immunity on a Single Item or Card if custom items will be implemented, which pretty sure will be. I am quite sure the server will steamroll on a really unbalanced route. Having diversity is always nice. No status card should be disabled to make sure not everyone would be doing the same thing and to make newbie have a role to play even menial tasks such as inflicting such effects. Edited Oppsie :3
  7. Vie

    Vie Staff Member

    I'll relay your suggestions to the relevant department, and the developer of course. Thank you for your input! <3
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