when do you plan to open the game server?

Discussion in 'Players Discussions' started by Chocobaby, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Chocobaby

    Chocobaby New Member

    I seen your topics, but there are no exact dates.
    I already sign up, but when exactly to expect the game server opening?
    Can you announce the date, at least an approximate one?
  2. Vie

    Vie Staff Member

    Hello Chocobaby,

    To ensure that the server launching goes smoothly, our preparations might take awhile and we would want to rush it to affect player's experience in the server.

    Our initial plan is to launch the server by August, and two weeks before will be Super WOE event for everyone to come and test.

    Your patience is greatly appreciated and we apologize for any delay that may or have occurred.
  3. Diablo666

    Diablo666 New Member

    What is the current state of the game development right now? It'd be nice to know so we don't get left hanging
  4. baldur

    baldur New Member

    Hello, where is download link. I would like to play this server but i cannot find a download.
  5. admin

    admin Staff Member

    Download links will be there: Download Link for BetterRO Client
  6. yoshikata1

    yoshikata1 New Member

    se están tardando mucho en abrir el servidor, primero se me van a ir las ganas de jugar... dijeron que abrían en agosto, seguramente el 31 de agosto...
  7. Pierce

    Pierce Moderator

    Hello, I just wanted to bump up this post and let you know that an announcement will be held in the next 36 hours regarding the launch date of the server.

    I look forward to see you in-game!

  8. Hyrux

    Hyrux New Member

  9. Pierce

    Pierce Moderator

    I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience regarding this hype for what was a planned announcement.

    Please note that the team is currently working day and night so that our future players can benefit a good initial start once we open.

  10. Pierce

    Pierce Moderator

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know that we have recently posted in the forums regarding the launch date. Please feel free to visit the thread here: Server Launch Date

    Good day,