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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Kraven, Jan 24, 2021.

  1. Kraven

    Kraven New Member

    Devil Square Event reward system is dogpoop. At first it was refreshing to have people cooperate, but I could literally just afk near the exit and take all the chests for myself.

    Cluckers can be macroed. Warp to him. Click. @go 0 to get cured. Rinse and repeat.

    The new ways to earn event tickets are amazing and really fun! Overall, i'd say it's been overwhelmingly positive.
  2. Vie

    Vie Staff Member

    Devil Square actually drops Valkyrie Token, which is required to create one of the custom wings. It only drops one out of five boxes, so good luck!
  3. Ket

    Ket New Member

    In last update is saying:
    13. Asura Strike now deals 500% more damage to MVPs.

    Actualy i didnt recognize this. Damage with Asura is same. Probably this part of update does not work or i didnt understand something.

    Also i want to ask you. What is the maximum SP rate that has influence on Asura strike? Because damage with 15000sp and 25000sp is same
  4. Vie

    Vie Staff Member

    Hello, You are talking about the 999999999999999 damage that is shown which is inaccurate. That is the maximum number the client can show to you. To see your damage please use @battleinfo.
  5. Opus

    Opus Staff Member

    The asura SP cap is 6,000 only. Therefore the higher SP you have, the lesser Box of Panting you have to use. If you have Lady Tanee, you can spam asura faster than you spam Double Strafe.

    The 500% damage asura works. It's just you can't see it. The maximum damage cap is 999999999 for all damages. DO not expect to see 50000000000 in the damage numbers. This is client limitations.
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