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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Coffee, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. Coffee

    Coffee New Member

    Hello, I would like to suggest some kind of buff towards Taekwon Kid, since TK, as it is it's pretty bad with no playability whatsoever since pretty much all jobs except for SN, outclass it by a mile. It would be awesome if TK would get some kind of gear ( Like the Specific Gears for each job ) to be made for it but instead of Headgear it would go on Shoes since Running (skill and passive ) play a huge role on TKs dmg.

    For some examples a slotted shoe specific for Taekwon Kid that would give something like :

    - Give Movement Speed
    - 20% more dmg with all kicks
    - More dmg with Flying Side Kick
    - Defense Pierce ( Like Samurai Card as a % proc or permanent)

    Something like that. It would be very appreciated for a TK lover to play BG/WoE/Pvp as a TK. Thanks and keep up the great work.
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  2. Vie

    Vie Staff Member

    Hey there Coffee, apologies for the late reply.

    As discussed recently with the team we'll allow Taekwon to use Lord of Death Helm (Star Gladiator Headgear), that should be sufficient for now.
    Some have suggested a weapon for Taekwon, but we're talking about taekwon, they fight with bare hands to begin with. So we'll buff some skills if needed to make it viable in BG, PVP as well as WOE.

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