Spooky Scooby Halloween!

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    Happy Halloween!​

    To celebrate the launch of the Better ROmain server , we are offering you guys a debut event!

    Location: Niflheim 200 185

    Duration: 30th October – 4th November 2020 (6 DAYS)


    It’s the time of the year when the legendary Hallow, Master of Halloween comes out roaming catching unguarded children because he just hates them. Unfortunately, the daughter of a pair of rich couple went missing during trick’o’treating with her friends. They received a ransom letter by the Hallow, but they doubt heir daughter will return home safely even if they gave the ransom. They seek a brave warrior who can rescue her from the hands of the monster.

    "I want to help rescue this poor girl!"

    Simply look for her mother in Niflheim and she will be delighted to hear from you! But before you go on to this mission, she wants to make sure you won’t end up dead trying to rescue her daughter. Therefore, you will be required to hunt a list of items to prove your capabilities.

    The hunting list will be provided by the mother, and note that the list will be refreshed every 2 days.

    Once you have proven yourself, you will be given a key, and grant access to Hallow’s Mansion(also somewhere in Niflheim), where you will have to clear the instance to save the child.

    Note: you MUST be in a party to enter the instance, whether or not you will be doing the quest alone.

    Hallow’s Troops:

    Will spawn everyday in the duration of the event at 0600, 1200, 1800, 2400 server time at random towns to kidnap more children. Kill them to keep the peace of the towns and receive treat coins!


    First 3 party to complete the instance – 3 Lootboxes + 10 treat coins

    Subsequent 3 who completes the instance – 2 Lootboxes + 10 treat coins

    Remaining who completes the instance – 1 Lootbox + 10 treat coins

    Treat coins will be used to redeem Halloween Headgears! (Niflheim 201 188)

    Halloween Headgear Prize:

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    Wow this is exciting! Great job on the post :)