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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Twix, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. Twix

    Twix New Member

    I've already talked to a few people in game but I suggest raising the aspd to its original advertised speed and make it 197, as well as removing after cast delay and skill delay as a whole. I think the whole idea of kiel based servers generally die out faster just because players do NOT want to resort to running multiple kiel cards just to spam at the speed they need for combat. TLDR; Remove all skill delay, aftercast delay and bump the aspd to 197. Thanks :)
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  2. maedaya

    maedaya New Member

    +1 , My guild will not play, if this game is has a lowrate game play
  3. Devilicz

    Devilicz New Member

    haha i think this server wants to make life hard for everyone and i respect that. your points are also valid too. im just gonna wait for the official launch and see what they have improved and balanced. if they maintain lowrate gameplay, they will attract a different crowd and not crowds like you who wants everything easy. if i dont see the balance in the server i will leave too
  4. maedaya

    maedaya New Member

    fyi highrate does not mean everything is easy.
    if they wanted to do a lowrate server they should change their motto.
    betterro - 500\120 low rate ragnarok
  5. Devilicz

    Devilicz New Member

    i beg to differ, removing aftercast delay = trying to make everything easy.
    just gotta use ur brains to get to 100% without 3 kiels. i hope you have enough IQ for that.
    sorry if this post offends you.
  6. maedaya

    maedaya New Member

    You just need to study hard devilcz so your sentence will be more understandable.
    I can compare your IQ like a Fish but its ok don't get offended please.
    I hope you have enough IQ so you can understand what im trying to say or just use some common sense please.
  7. Vie

    Vie Staff Member

    Please keep suggestions constructive and please do not insult people's intelligence. - Devilics
    Same goes to you. - Maedaya.

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