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    Information About The Project

    Welcome to BetterRO - a better place for playing Ragnarok Online.
    BetterRO is a high-rate server that offers the best things that you have seen in RO.

    Official Opening Date (Confirmed): 30 October 2020

    We offer fast leveling and nostalgic content and features that you liked on other servers.
    Our game server is under active development and will open in several weeks.

    Before you continue reading information about the project below, please create a game account. Registration is essential for notification purposes that will provide information about the opening date and feature news about download links and opening events.

    The link to registration can be found here:


    User registrations help us to track interest from players and motivate us to finish the product faster.

    All registered users will receive a specific bonus on the day of the game server opening. Hurry and create your account!

    Basic Technical Information
    • Episode: 13.3, PRE-RENEWAL Mechanics
    • Max Level / Job: 500/120; Max ASPD 197; Instant-Cast 170 dex, Max Stats 450
    • Base / Job Exp: 25000x / 25000x
    • Drop: 30% equip, 100% common items, 10% cards (mvp, mini-boss, normal cards)
    • WOE/PVP Consumables Drop Rate: 1%
    • Gepard 3.0 DDoS, nodelay, anticheat protected, @lgp, @aoe, @circle
    • Located in the USA, with proxy servers around the world for the lowest latency for players
    • Languages: English, Tagalog, French
    • WoE, PVP, BG, MVP, Quest oriented server
    • A variety of customs, NPC's commands, features (listen below)
    • Fast leveling
    • Play-to-win server (Cash Prize), not pay-to-win.
    • No OP donation item,god item.
    • With several mechanics rebalanced skills and items and client for WoE/BG/PVP needs.


    Super WoE Event

    The super WoE is a separate game-server with instant features for organizing Instant WoE. Guild Locations, spectators, set of changes, and features for the whole High Rate scene. Sign up, download game client, prepare to build, and let's do WoE between different guilds around the world organized by BetterRO staff.

    Currently, detailed information about Super WoE is classified. We will notify you about the event as we get closer to the event date. Create a forum account or in-game account to receive future notifications about details, dates, and rewards.

    We promise that you have never seen anything like this before. Super WoE is a chance for you to feel old nostalgic RO gameplay. Don't miss out!

    Server Features

    There are numerous features available. Below we will try to list key features; we have a lot of other commands and NPCs in the game to significantly boost the experience for players that suits their chosen gameplay style.

    Let's divide features for easy reading:


    For Solo Players we offer:
    • Fast leveling and obtainable easy-to-hunt items
    • Class-specific freebies for gearing your character
    • Newbie Zone for fast leveling
    • Healer, warper, @storage, @restock, and a lot of other important NPC's for comfortable gameplay
    • Access to hundreds of quests
    • More than 500 beautiful headgears
    • Dozens of events, live (by event gm) and automated with great rewards
    • Vending Zone for traders
    • Mall for most popular items
    • MVP Arena and Branch Zone to make MVP hunting more interesting and dynamic
    • Set of consumables and numerous things that will be required for gameplay from commands and NPCs
    • Set of customizations for your character like costumes, auras, beautiful headgears, carts, cute pets
    • Zeny and several items as reliable currency in the game server
    • Global channel system with integration into Discord
    • Customized skills for making balanced mechanics where only skill matters.
    • Fast and easy procedure for feedback, reports, suggestions, bug reports and interactions between players and admins
    • Achievements
    Detailed information about each feature will be posted in the forum in the near future.

    We did not highlight the basic things that you already think should be on the game server.


    For people who love WoE and PVP:
    • Private Guild Base.
    • WoE 1.0, WoE 2.0, Ancient WoE (on request)
    • Enhanced BG: Conquest, rush, triple inferno, set of optimizations for great WoE
    • Full detailed stats from BG, WoE, and PVP
    • Deathmatch PVP arena and classic PVP arena (no pots)
    • Duels 1 vs 1
    • Set of extremely useful commands and client features for WoE like @lgp, @spb, @restock, @noeffect, etc. You will be satisfied with WoE with fps even on average hardware
    • Blazing fast response from the client and server with proxy servers reduce lags
    • Territorial Wars
    • Guild vs Guild Wars
    • Faction Wars
    For people who wish to show their beauty to this world:
    • 1000+ Palettes, + handmade ones
    • 100 hairstyles and hair colors
    • Colored Nicknames, Auras (can be turned off)
    • 500+ cute headgears, without ugly wings
    • Dozens of beautiful pets, carts
    • And a lot more...
    For people who like killing boss (MVP) monsters:
    • Modified and Stronger MVPs
    • MVP Arena, Deadbranch Room
    • Tomb System
    • Mob Information
    • Increased Loot Rate
    • Loot from MVP's needed for quests and events.
    • Endless Tower, Endless Cellar, other instances improved for challenging experience

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