Section 8: Zeny Farming, Economy, and Currencies.

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    Section 8: Zeny Farming, Economy, and Currencies

    Earning your first Million

    Before I begin, there may be other effective ways of farming Zeny. What's the use of Zeny in this server, you say? To buy and sell items, of course. You can buy Boss Tickets, or any Consumables or trade it with other currencies.

    What are the 'currencies' available in this server?
    1. Zeny (When you have too much, Coin Exchanger NPC will be of use)
    BG Badges (Obtainable through Battlegrounds,sometimes event)
    Boss Tickets (MVP Hunting, does not include MVPs in MVP NPC)
    Event Ticket ( Redeemable through Treasure Box NPC, where the items will be updated regularly)
    Monster Powder (Hunting Mission)
    Mission Medals (HuntingMission)
    Better Coin (Can be used to redeem from Better Coin Exchanger)

    Non-tradeable 'currencies' : Mission Points

    Better Coin is obtainable through Hunting Mission, lottery, and also by just sitting down in Prontera. (You will gain 1 Better Coin per hour by just being online.)

    Dual Client will not increase your rewards.

    One character online for 24hous = 24 Better Coins.

    Back to farming zeny, seems like I've gone offtopic for awhile there:

    - Khukri
    This is the one and only best source of Zeny at the moment.
    It can be found at:

    - Geffen Field
    - Hugel Field
    - Hugel Field
    - Mt.Mjolnir

    With 30% drop rate from Petite (Mob ID:1156), you'll probably get 10m in 8~10minutes of farming.

    Since gold drop rate is 1%, the only other effective alternative is Treasure Chests from Acidus at abyss_03 .

    As we are experimenting on certain aspects of the game, please note that:
    Maximum amount of zeny (per item) that you can sell to the tool dealer NPC is 100,000 Zeny.

    Example: You have 1 gold, which is worth 100k. You have a Whitesmith, hoping that you can overcharge it to get more zeny from the NPC. As a result, you will still get 100k. Same goes to Khukri, it will show as 100k to the NPC instead of 120,000.

    Note: The cap will eventually be removed once the team is 100% determined that there will be no abuse or bugs that can break the game.

    Vending Area ( @go 30 )

    This is the map where you do your @autotrade with your merchant.
    You can opt for other currencies as mode of trading such as:

    - BG Badges
    - Cash Points


    Yes, you can sell your items for to get the other currencies mentioned above.

    More details will be updated in this section. To conclude, all currencies mentioned are relevant and will never be obsolete. However, Zeny is considered the least valuable currency and Event Tickets the most.

    If there are any other questions regarding the economy, or if you'd like to provide feedback. Please do not hesitate to send a support ticket or use the respective channels in Forum/Discord.

    Protip: Ways to get rich on BetterRO

    1. Always join Battleground (@joinbg) for War Badges.
    2. Consistently complete contracts in Hunting Mission.
    3. Refine weapons or equipments, if you have balls of steel, refine the custom items (Yes, it adds bonus % ATK or reduction per 2 levels of refine)
    4. Buy Low, Sell High.
    5. Farm consumables that are essential for WOE.
    6. MVP Hunting
    7. By being a streamer (minimum 100 followers) ~ Lol.