Section 7 : MVP System

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    Section 7: MVP System
    Most SHR servers around at the moment have a decent MVP system, in terms of its strength. Mostly all MVPs are solo-able by an Assassin Cross, or Champion (Asura spam yeay).

    I suggest you begin with the 'weakest' MVP in game, which is located at the MVP Warper, directly below the Beginner Zone guy.



    As usual, 4 types of warper. Different types of MVP. I suggest you start with the easy ones, starting from the left (Alpha). Mistress, Moonlight Flower and Eddga.

    Note: These MVPS do not drop Boss Tickets, which can be redeemed at the MVP Hunter NPC. Only MVPs at their default spawn will drop Boss Tickets. There are 3 Tiers of MVP and depending on the tier, the MVP will drop 1-3 Boss Tickets.



    The MVP Hunter (located on the west side of Prontera) accepts Boss Tickets as the only currency to redeem the items in here.
    You can also get Bloody Branches here by completing the Quest with the requirements stated above.

    Note: Any MVP killed by a player ( Except MVP Warper, Bloody Branch or its default spawn) will be broadcasted globally.

    As stated in the earlier sections, PK/PVP is enabled on MVP maps. This is a good indication that an MVP alive or not.
    A: No it is not. It is just not meant to be solo-ed. Bring berries, lots of them berries.

    Q: Are you sure? This is too much for me!!
    A: In order to survive, you have to adapt. Hints are given indirectly in the earlier sections. All you need is good teamwork!

    The Meta of MVPing
    Fine, the most effective tacticts available while MVPing, to level the playing ground (since some Low Rate players may have knowledge in regards to this matter), are as follows :-

    1. Champion - Having this class in your MVP roster is a MUST. Steel Body and tank the MVP. You are near impossible to die under this effect plus consumables (Ygg Berry, Seed). Don't forget the 5 second delay though. Add an Alice card in your Shield for next level OP.

    Assassin Cross - Yes, they deal the highest DPS for MVP hunting, but the chances of them triggering the MVP's aggro towards you is most likely to bring you down in a matter of seconds. Valkyrie Randgris or Satan Morroc will definitely 1 hit you. :/

    Soul Linker - The highest DPS in magic damage, and we haven't got to Mind Breaker yet. I'd consider this class as the main MVP killer in this server. Estun -> Esma. With Mild Wind (opposite to MVP's element) and having 3 Vesper Cards will just bring everything down on your knees in a matter of seconds.

    So yes the next person in line will be :

    Professor - Mind Breaker. Maybe Safety Wall too and Bolt them if you feel like it. And that's all you need. It's a perfect roster. Until another party comes to spoil and be a party pooper, because PK is enabled in MVP map of course. Sometimes they come even faster than you'd think. Must be those Convex Mirrors.

    Snipers - Sure why not? The more the merrier! Double Strafe will do great physical range damage, plus it's also good to have this role in your roster when another party comes crashing down and tries to ruin it all.

    Latest Update: MVP is significantly nerfed to encourage a newbie-friendly environment. However, this may change in the near future. Most MVPs can be solo'd by an Assassin, Sniper, and definitely a Soul Linker.

    That's all for now. This guide shall be updated from time to time.

    Some recent updates in regards to MVP:
    - Thanatos now has a fixed spawn rate of 5 hours +- 10 minutes.
    - Ktullanux now has a fixed spawn rate of 5 hours +- 10 minutes.

    You no longer have to do any quests to spawn these MVPS.