Section 3: Commands

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    Section 3: Commands

    Commands available:
    Notable Commands:

    @autopots :
    There is no need to use 3rd party program to use consumables. To use @autopots ;

    @autopots <identify flag> <%hp rate> <HP item id> <%sp rate> <SP item id>

    For example: @autopots 1 99 12196 99 12196

    Consumables that can be used in WOE:

    @aloot help:
    BetterRO uses @aloot instead of @autoloot. It is recommended that players use @aloot rate 30 ;
    - Some common mobs card drop rate is 20%.
    - MVP Equip drop rate is 30%
    - And the obvious MVP card drop rate 10%.

    @aloot item <item id> can be used to loot specific items up to 20 items.

    For verification use @whodrops <itemid> or @mi <monster name/id> .

    @restock : Save time by using this command to take out items from your storage and save the command in your macro (ALT+M). Useful for PVP / BG / WOE and MVP.


    @packetfilter :
    Slightly reduces lag and useful when it comes to maps with many players. Example of command : @packetfilter CIH

    @spb : Displays your party member's buff. This command is useful in teamfights and avoid the double usage of consumables such as Creator's Full Chemical Protection.