Section 2: Utility NPCs

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    Section 2: Utility NPCs


    1: Warper - Teleports to you to places ranging from towns to special instances.
    (@warp @jump is available fyi.)

    2: Kafra - Storage, guild storage and save point.

    3: PVP Arena Keeper - PVP and GVG here for points.

    4: Job Changer - Same option as the one in Beginner Zone.

    5: Build Manager - Save your stat build / Reset stats.

    6: Maysel Quests - Quest NPC for BetterRO's custom items, costumes and other useful headgears and acessories.

    7: Event Girl - When there is a global broadcast on automated events, click here to join. Currently there are no automated events until further notice. Click on the Event Girl to join any of the mini-games. Requires minimum 4 person. Cooldown 60 minutes.

    8: Treasure Box - NPC to exchange your Event Ticket to costumes.

    9: Daily Freebies - Collect your rewards daily here. Rewards accumulate if you login frequently.

    10: Voluntary Support - This NPC has a variety of items if you have Cash Points. Cash Points can be obtained by donations. Donating keeps the server up and helps us maintain the server in the long run. Refer to Donation guide here.

    11: Battlegrounds Manager - This is where you are most likely to spend time in the game and farm for BG Badges in exchange for variety of items. Click "Warp to Battle Room" to see the NPCs for exchanging your BG Badges into supplies and headgears.

    12: Nurse (Above her is High Priestess) - Heals you and buffs you.

    13: Sage - Endows your weapon into Water, Wind, Fire and Earth.

    14: Alchemist Master: NPC for Creators to get their essentials faster. Update: Also has a shop now that sells ingredients to make bottles/potions.

    15: Tool Dealer : Buy/Sell items (Ammunitions are sold here)

    16: MVP Warper: This is where you should go after you have maxed up(Level 500) to gear up and find cards. (The MVPs in this map have lower strength and different drops that will smoothen your journey in betterRO.​

    Moving to your east-side of the map. Another three NPCs can be found.
    17: Coin Exchanger - Exchange your Zeny into Coins. (Total: 5 types of Coins)
    Platinum Coin - 500,000,000 Z
    Mithril Coin - 100,000,000 Z
    Gold Coin - 10,000,000 Z
    Silver Coin - 1,000,000 Z
    Bronze Coin - 100,000 Z

    18: Broadcaster - 10m Zeny to broadcast your message to the server.

    19: Hunting Mission - Go inside the warp beside the sign post and look for Horomir. Details will be explained in another section.
    You will also spend a lot of your time gearing up here.

    Additional Notes: Above Beginner Zone is the Identifier NPC - This goes without saying, but yes it identifies items at a cost.

    Also WOE Information - WOE Schedules are provided here. Also warps you to the castle open during WOE.​

    If you move up north of Prontera, you will be seeing these NPCS:

    20: Taekwon Hatred Feeler - Reset your Taekwon-related skills here.

    21: Cart Styles - Change your cart appearance here (Aside from Change Cart skill).

    22: Stylist - Variety of colours to choose for your hair, cloth and hair style.

    23: Costume Maker - Exchange your headgear into costume.

    24: Dye Maker - Dyestuffs can be made here. Important for quests.

    25: Pet Collector - Variety of pets to choose for the pet lovers.

    26: MVP Hunter - Exchange your Boss Tickets for basic MVP cards and costumes here. There are 3 tiers of MVP in this server. MVPs will drop 1-3 Boss Tickets depending on its tier.

    27: Plagiator : Stalker class can plagiarize a skill here without having to dual client or ask another player to 'skill' them. You will be logged out and you have to log in again to see your new,copied skill.

    28: Auras: Hundreds of aura styles to choose from here. Requires Premium Aura Ticket that is available on Voluntary Support NPC.

    If you head to the south of Prontera, you'll see a few more NPCs.

    1: Size Changer - Changes your size into to a giant or a midget.
    2: Sex Changer - I shall not explain much on this.
    3: Freebies - Limited time only. Contains BetterRO's Customized Beginner Equipments, Boxes of Yggdrasils, and Scrolls.
    4: FAQ - That leads you to this guide.
    5: Command Saver : This is a good NPC so you don't have to type the same commands all over again, such as @aloot @packetfilter @bglisten @eventlisten.
    6: Name Changer : Not an ordinary chicken across the street. It can change your name. Requires 'Name Change Ticket'.
    7: Disguise NPC: Event NPC where you have to guess the monster shown. This is also one of the reason @warp is disabled for a while. So you can explore the maps and learn new monsters and its names (same goes for Hunting Mission!) Disabled until further notice. The NPC went for holidays.

    Devil Square Garden is below the Disguise NPC. When the gate opens (broadcasted globally), click on this NPC. Also went for holidays.