Section 17: Events in BetterRO

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    List of Events in BetterRO

    Automated Events

    - Event Manager (Your main source of Event Information)

    Refer to the manager for more lists of automated events.

    1. Devil Square Guardian (Difficulty : Hard)

    In order to get the rewards, you have to defeat 3 waves of monsters, with a Giant Deviruchi, and few huge Crystals being the hardest mobs you have to defeat. This event will change its mobs from time to time.
    Difficulty also decreases and increases accordingly.

    Rewards: 10 Treasure Boxes (Same as the one from castle) @mi 1940 for details.
    Note: It's 10 Boxes for everyone that participated. First come first serve, usually range classes have the advantage over this.
    Tips: Some decent MVP gears would be needed to defeat all three waves. Not to mention Ygg Leaf and Token of Siegfried.

    Devil Square Times (Server Time): 01:01, 07:02, 09:03, 15:04, 21:05, 23:06

    2. Disguise Event (Difficulty : None)


    If you see that Chef Cat throwing apple on the air, that is the disguise event NPC.
    Game is pretty simple, whoever answers the fastest (when the NPC changes into a mob),wins.

    Tips: Save some mob names in ALT+M (lol), fast hands, or just play it when everyone's asleep.

    Disguise Times (Server Time): 00:11, 06:14, 12:09, 18:08, 24:07

    3. Blue Crystal Event (Difficulty : None)

    1-20 Blue Crystals will spawn around Prontera at a certain time. Each crystal gives 2 Event Tickets. This is considered the easiest way to farm Event Tickets.

    Tips: No tips, just spam @jump in Prontera till you find them.

    Blue Crystal Event Times (Server Time): 04:00, 08:30, 12:30, 17:00, 22:30

    COVID Poring Event (Difficulty: Easy)

    1-10 Green-coloured Poring (looks like a Poporing with disease), will spawn around Prontera at a certain time, that drops Gold Coins. This is the easiest way for beginners to make some quick cash. That is 10m per kill.

    Tips:The COVID Poring does deal quite a number of damage and could be lethal to beginners. With its low hp, one hit its enough. Just make sure you hit it first.

    COVID Poring Event Times: 08:37, 10:48, 14:59, 17:13, 20:22

    5. Cemetery Event (Difficulty : Very Hard)


    This is a once-a-day daily event. When clock reaches 00:00 (Server Time), monsters will rise in Prontera's Cemetery. These two Elms will cause a ruckus in town if it is not killed. After the Elms are defeated, speak to Mother Mathena, and she will ask you for 5 Holy Avengers.


    Purchase the Holy Avengers from @go 30 , or kill Baphomets if you are broke. Mother Mathena will do a global announcement, stating that you are the hero/heroine that saved the day. She will give you 1 Achievement Ticket (item requirement for Maysel Quest) in return.

    Note: After you have received your reward, the Elms will not spawn tomorrow (need verification).
    Tips: The Elms are immune to magic skills. Use melee or range physical damage to defeat the two MVPs.

    Toototobon [previously known as Cluckers] (Difficulty: Frustrating)


    Toototobon can be seen south of Prontera (115,152) sleeping. When its awake, you have the chance to get 50 Cashpoints if you manage to get to click it long enough. Throughout this process, you will get stunned, die, any many more status ailments that you rather die than continuing this event.

    Tips: Really, just @die once the status ailment hits you. Even though the official chance is 1 out of 20, you may be clicking up to 100 times+ to even get the prize. If you have the patience, why not?

    Toototobon Event Times: 07:36, 09:21, 18:14, 23:54
    NPC-related Events

    MVP Challenge (Difficulty: Borderline Impossible)


    Yes, you saw that right, borderline impossible without a proper roster. This is a 4-man party event. Located at prontera (133,202). You and your partymates have to defeat 39 MVPs with Leviathan being the last MVP to be defeated. Throughout this NPC's existence, no one has completed this challenge yet. You only have 90 minutes to kill all 39 MVPs.

    Note: Each round that you manage to get through rewards you with 10 Better Coin. That is easy farming of Better Coin, and its per person! So that's 40 Better Coins.
    Second Note: This NPC will be around for a limited time only.
    Third Note: List of MvPs can be found here. Discord under #newbie-guide
    Tips: Honestly, I have no idea. Paladin, Creator, Professor, and Sniper/Sinx could be a great roster.

    8. Vie [previously known as Mavis Vermillion] (Difficulty: Hard)


    This Vie NPC is a skill-matching game, which costs 2 Better Coins to play. You can easily get back your 2 Better Coins if you answer at least 2 right. You start with 20 tries, and the effects will come up before you start, giving you some upper hand when it begins. Yes it requires you to have good memory skills. Some tried to cheat by taking a screenshot before the game begins, but I will allow that. I did that too, but still lost. Lol.


    Rewards: 1 Better Coin per every right guess, 1 Achievement Ticket if you guess it all right.
    If you leave the game before you finish it, you will bug the NPC.
    Tips: Turn on /effect. Anyone can do this, it just takes some time to practice. But this is the easiest Better Coin farming in-game.

    GM Events

    9. Mob Invasion

    At a certain point of day, which could happen at anytime, an announcement in red colour will appear and broadcasted globally, stating that 'Prontera is under attack'. A variety of mobs will spawn all around Prontera, and their event loots can not be looted using @aloot rate 100. No, not even greed skill can pick the item up. Whoever is the fastest gets the item. Usually rewards are in form of Better Coins, Monster Powder, Event Headgears/Costumes, Event Tickets, and one-of-a-kind items. Best if you do not miss out on these if you have just started your journey in BetterRO.

    Mob Invasion Event Time: Unknown

    10. Leviathan Event

    Similar to Mob Invasion, Leviathan Event has a specific time when it arrives to Prontera to invade. And this invasion will have stronger MVPs surrounding Prontera, such as Lich King, instance MVP (highly unlikely), Blue Ifrit, Golden Atroce, God of Morocc, and many more.
    While Leviathan is currently, from my understanding, can be defeated alone, he grows stronger after each invasion.

    Tips: The whole server must play their role and be a good team player when it comes to MVPs that are deemed impossible to solo.

    Leviathan Event Time: Every Saturday 15:00 Server Time (GMT+8 = 11.00pm).