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    Ghost Palace Guide

    NPC Warper>Instance>Ghost Palace

    Party of 2 people and up.

    Shard of Gray
    (use to exchange for Thanatos weapons and set.)

    Generate the Instance
    Talk to the Unpleasant Royal Guard NPC to generate the instance, then talk to the interdimensional device. (you died no worries you can get back inside.)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Once inside talk to the King to witness Lurid Royal Guard is appointed as the bodyguard of Princess Tiara for her marriage with a Prince.

    When the conversion is finish, Bloody Murderers and Ragged Zombie will spawn. Kill them all and collect Shard of Gray. after you clear portal will appear that leads towards the 2nd floor(north of the room).

    You'll see Lurid Royal Guard with Princess Tiara, talk to him, And Dark frame, Flame Skull, and Wind Ghost will appear clear the monster and a portal will appear that leads to 3rd floor.

    you will be in prison area where Lurid Royal Guard Restrained and Interrogated. Talk to the King and wait to finish the scene, till the dialogue ends.
    when the all the conversion ends, Ghouls, Skeleton Prisoners, and Zombie Prisoners will appear. kill a few then a portal to 4th floor will appear, don't go yet a a larger group of those three monster will spawn, clear them for extra shard of gray.

    you return to the throne room khaliltzburgs, and Bloody Murderers will appear kill all of them. after that dead bodies will appear over the floor, including the dead king. you'll see Lurid Royal Guard and prince, talk Lurid Royal Guard.
    when the dialogues ends, the Prince will transform into Torturous Redeemer. defeat him and the portal to 5th floor will appear.
    you return to prison and you'll see Lurid Royal Guard and Princess Tiara. Talk to Princess Tiara. after that Skoguls, Dullahans, and Skeleton Prisoners will spawn kill them all.

    Torturous Redeemer will spawn, you just need to deal damage then its going to disappear, after that talk to sakray.

    when the dialogues ends the king will appear, talk to him to exchange the Shard of Gray for Thanatos weapons or Gray Equipments.


    [Changelog] BetterRO Latest Updates (04.04.2021) Part 1 | BetterRO - Community Corner (you can see here all the instances items and rewards in link above). When you leave using the portal you'll be rewarded with 2 Shard of Gray.. This instance is Repeatable.


    Octopus Cave

    Party online members 2 or more
    item: Octopus Hunting Stick (can get on maysel quest or in donation shop worth 100cp)

    How to get to entrance?
    Use the NPC Warper > Instances > Octopus Cave.

    Generate the Instance.

    Talk to the Starfish and choose Ask to open the gate.
    Click on the Weird Entrance above him.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You'll be warped into a cave with 4 warp portals. Enter one of the portal and walk until the end of the tunnel. There is no need to kill everything, no mind games you just need to kill all the octopus legs inside those portal.

    After killing 4 octopus Legs, you'll be warp back. Then prepare for the boss fight. New portal will appear in the north, that will warp you to boss room. There will be the Giant Octopus, and some several Octopus Legs and Octopus will spawn while fighting the MVP.
    Rewards?: chance to fight Mr. Giant Octopus.
    (Use @mi Giant Octopus to see all the drops)


    Malangdo Culvert

    Party: Must be in a party
    Item: Seagod's Protection(can get to donation shop 100cp or Maysel quest)

    How to go to malangdo culvert?

    Use the Warper > Instances > Malangdo Culvert.

    Generate the Instance

    Talk to Missing, the Cleaner.
    Choose the options Are you ok? and I will help...

    Talk to Albo and take the quests. (General for Normal mode, Hard mode.)

    Talk to Missing, the Cleaner again to enter the culvert. Once inside, head to the center of the map and speak to The cleaner again. There, you will confirm with him again that you are doing either the Regular or Hard instance.​
    • To do the Normal mode, choose the first option I'm pretty good at delivering bread'.
    • To do the Hard mode, choose the second option 'I know how to fight'.
    the cleaner will instruct the party to go 3 o'clock position on the map. There will be an announcement whenever a drain appears. Around the drain monster will spawn. The Drain will shine in a big, blue light. Click on it to deactivate them. (Getting hit will cancel the process.)
    Note: If you can't kill the monsters in time, the drain will close and a Contaminated Stem appears. If 6 Stems are present, the party will be kicked out.

    Repeat the process until the following message appears "Contaminated Seaweed: X stem. Missing will come and inspect the results of the cleaning soon"

    MVP will Appear
    Normal mode : Gloomy Coelacanth or Weird Coelacanth
    Hard mode : Violent Coelacanth or Mutant Coelacanth

    After defeating the boss, random loot appears around the room. To claim the rewards from Albo go to Madeca to receive the quest rewards.
    Normal Daily: B Grade Coin
    Normal Weekly: Seagod's Anger
    Hard Daily: A Grade Coin
    Hard Weekly: Seagod's Anger


    Old Glast Heim

    Party minimum: 2 Players

    Temporal Crystal
    Coagulated Spell

    This instance takes sometime if you do it solo or duo, and once you died or you got disconnected, you will not be able to re-enter. Cooldown of this instance is 24 hours.

    recommended class is Sniper, Sinx, High Priest, pally(tank/sacri). Sniper and Sinx can use Gloom Under Night Card to Improve damage on the monsters.

    Things to bring many ygg berries, seed, leaf(incase your priest died) for Sniper bring Fire Arrow and Holy Arrow, Sinx bring asperio, High Priest use mistress card if you to nullify the gem requirement and for shield with GTB card.

    don't for get to use @aloot item Coagulated spell and Temporal Crystal, monster drops it. (Temporal Crystal drops by mvps)

    How to get to the entrance?
    Warper npc> Instances> Old Glast Heim

    Generating the Instance

    Once all party members are ready to go Party leader speak to Hugin
    "Generate Time Gap" and talk to him again and Enter the Instance.
    Once everyone arrive Inside, The Party Leader needs to talk to Varmund. A dialogue about an incoming invasion, led by a Valkyrie named Himelmez.
    head North till you see Heinrich, Talk to Heinrich then a conversation between Heinrich and Himmelmez. When the Conversation ends, the NPC around you will become Corrupted Abysmal Knight and Suffering Khalitzburg, kill them all.
    Once you clean it Heinrich and Varmundt will ask for help to find any survivors that might need help. After they disapear, a portal will appear to the west
    once you enter the portal you split up in to two to clear the north and south.
    After clearing the monster a broadcast will be made that you have to find any survivors. on south-west of the map an npc will appear party leader talk to the Altar Boy.

    After the leader Speak to Altar Boy, a portal will appear on east head back to the center and enter the East Portal. around the east room has Decomposed Body scattered around the room, avoid it because Maggot will spawn and attack the player when get closed. use fire arrow to maggot. clear all those monster until you see a broadcast, then go to North-East of the room and look for Holgren The Destroyer then talk to her, then go to top north of the room go to portal.

    Once you enter in that area you have to kill all the Corrupted Palace Guard and Wandering Archer(use holy element). Once the Broadcast appear go to the center north of the map, and you will find Himelez, Varmundt and Heinrich talking with each other. once they disappear. Corrupted Root will spawn,

    Talk to Varmundt who appear after you slain the MVP. you of all will receive Temporal Crystal and Coagulated Spell.

    Continue through the portal that appear at North. Heinrich will have a dialogue with Varmundt. while they're talking you can go North and wait for the West Portal to open. once it appear you can enter it.

    At the West of the map start clearing the monster around you need to kill Corrupted Palace Guard, Wandering Archer, Corrupted Abysmal Knight and Bloody Knight.

    when you see the broadcast that says "An evil presence has appeared in this area." Go Search for the 1st Commander of Destruction (use holy element to kill it).
    After the 1st commander is killed, a portal to the east will open.

    same scenario kill all the monster until the broadcast "An evil presence has appeared in this area." appear then search for the 2nd Commander of Destruction.
    After killing the 2nd Commander go back to the bridge and head to North Portal.

    once you're inside you will see Heinrich and Himelmez, having a dialogue after that MVP Amdarais will spawn.
    after you kill Amdarais, Return to Hugin talking to him will reward you 5 Temporal Crystal and 5 Coagulated spell.

    and you done.

    Horror Toy Factory


    You cannot re-enter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance is completed (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn to save point).

    It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance.

    All monsters in this instance are Demon race; the boss is Undead race.

    Where is the Horror Toy Factory Instance?
    Warper NPC and select Instances > Horror Toy Factory.

    Talk to Catherin Jet Johnson ask her what happened to her after that "unlock Horror Toy Factory, talk to Factory Dimension Teleport. Once you get inside talk to Catherin Jet Johnson again, and Factory uniform will appear.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Get a Cookie Uniform by talking to Factory Uniform NPC (10/20). It lasts for 3 mins.
    If you get caught without the uniform, numerous Toy Factory Guards will spawn wherever you go.
    (You can get another uniform or refresh the duration by talking to any Factory Uniform NPC scattered across the first area.)
    (youll get this buff this is the duration of the Disguise)

    Kill around 40 mobs in the first area, after the Broadcast appear. Go North and talk to the Production Manager.

    Talk with the Gift Box and cross the portal. Go east and into the second area. in second are, talk to Catherin Jet Johnson, and get the Cookie Uniform again.

    Find and talk to all the Cookie NPCs marked in your mini-map. Another broadcast will appear. get back to the portal, go to the middle and head to North.

    Talk with the Toy Maker and choose "Listen to the Conversation". Go to the West Portal into the third area, and then walk to the North-East corner of the map to find Antonio.
    after killing him head back to the Toy Maker and talk to him. youll get Bloody Coins.

    Head to the East portal into the final area, and talk to Catherin Jet Johnson to begin the MVP battle.

    note: Celine Kimi has a clone and you must deal damage to both of them at once, Otherwise they will keep healing each other just to match their current HP.


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