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    I believe this is one of the most sensitive issues that has been brought up recently by some players. Therefore I'll make a guide about this. However, I wish to clarify some of the matters related to Macro:

    1. It is true that Gepard has given every server two options :
    a) To allow macro of gaming mouses/keyboards (Razer Synapse,etc.), but block other macro tools (F1-F9)

    b) To block all macro tools available including software such as Razer Synapse and other related software.

    2. If option a) is taken, this would be unfair for those who do not possess a macro gaming mouse/keyboards. This widens the gap between low and high players, and the gap between players with average gaming set and high-end gaming spec.

    3. If option b) is taken, you have to take into account that there are such things as hardware macro. What is hardware macro? This refers to your mouse, or keyboard that is already scripted to macro or do anything within your creativity. Yes you can be farming random items in a map, and scripted to say 'hi' to anyone who comes to you, and even respond with more vague answers when given such questions.

    4. Either option taken will only lead to one result : Increasing the gap between two sides of players. Therefore, it leaves us with only one option: Allow macro to be accessible to everyone. Now, this is not the same as RMT, or anything bad.

    5. However, some macro-users have scripted their settings to the next level, leading to some players being unhappy. If you possess the same settings and apply it to PVP/WOE/BG, it would not be as effective as the person who created it. Why? Because of delay settings. Everyone has their own latency (if we are refering to Razer Synapse or other macro software), you have to adjust it to your own latency and delay to make it work. It may take hours or even days to find the perfect formula/recipe for such settings.

    6. In conclusion, Management believes that the path we chose is the best of both worlds. There's only less than 2-3 players who possess skills that they have trained for a decade to reach such level, and this is not referring to Macro. With the help of Macro, it just closes the gap between low and high ping players, and high ping players are able to show what they are truly capable of. Low ping players actually can do even better and faster, if they are given the right tools and guidance.

    Moving on to the tools available;
    - For everyone but specifically to those without macro-mouse and keyboard :

    a) F1-F4 Macro
    Download here.

    a) F1-F9 Macro
    Download here.

    The files are best downloaded using Mozilla Firefox.

    How to Use
    1. Run the file as administrator (If not it would not work.)
    2. It may popup as something like this. Click 'Run Anyway'. It detects as harmful as it is a sees this program as a foreign script ( I think ). NO virus for sure.[​IMG]
    3. And you're good to go!
    4. The icon above indicates your your F1-F4/F9 is running. To pause it just click 'Suspend Hotkeys'.
    5. What this macro will do is if you hotkey your in-game Macro to F1-F9, all you have to do is hold the F1 button for example, and you will now spam your Double Strafe, or Acid Demonstration, without much effort.

    - To those with macro software (I will only show Razer Synapse since the concept is the same for others)
    1. For something similar to F1-F4/F9 macro, it will look something like this :

    2. For something a little bit more complicated, (also possible with F1-F9 if you visit AutoHotkey), it looks like this:

    3. The above macro settings are useful for Heal spam (Auto Guard + Heal, Dangerous Soul Collect + Heal, even Falling Ice Pillar + Heal). And your creativity should not stop there, as you can go way further than that. But that is for you to explore on your own. Let's say F1 is Dangerous Soul Collect and F2 is Heal, Left Click, is..Left Click. >_>

    All you have to do is adjust the delay settings (0.001,0.002,0.003,0.004,0.005) as everyone has their own unique settings. Once you have found the recipe, you can spam like the low ping players.

    Too much to process? Don't worry, same goes to me when I learn about this many years ago. It is all about closing the gap, as I believe every player, from many different countries, deserve to have the privilege that a low ping player has.

    Thank you for your understanding. <3
    P/S: If you still do not understand, please pm me.

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