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    Introduction to BetterRO's Gambling NPC

    Pierce the Machine is a Norman (Human) that was temporarily cursed by one of BetterRO's staff, Naddy and he has now turned into a Scratchcard Machine. He was cursed because he could not cure his compulsive gambling addiction.

    To activate the mission you have to give him, or it, a 17 Carat Diamond. The NPC will tell you how to get the item.
    *Cough* Holomir's Wife *Cough*
    *coughing intensifies*
    300 Monster Powders/30 Mission Medals

    (It was suppose to be human, we have to wait for Naddy to un-curse him)

    Once the first player has activated the machine, he/she has triggered the countdown (usage-wise and time-wise). The machine has a limit of 50 usages, therefore the first player will scratch the 50th, and the next player will be the 49th.

    After 3 hours, Pierce is 'no longer interested' to offer you scratchcards (if 50 usage is not used within that time period). Cooldown to re-activate it again is 1 hour.

    However, for the 49th Scratchcard up till the last Scratchcard, Pierce Machine is indeed a fussy one. He requires one Gamble Lootbox which can be bought from Erundek NPC in Battle Room (Battlegrounds). Pierce is a compulsive gambler after all.

    There are 4 types of Scratchcard, and will be listed below according to its item rarity and its % (which shall be revealed eventually throughout your gaming experience in betterRO).

    List are as follows (Highest to Lowest in % Chance ):

    Platinum Scratchcard
    Seraphim Wing Helm
    Warrior's Balmung
    Creator Card
    High Wizard Card
    Lord Knight Card
    Whitesmith Card
    Premium Aura Ticket
    Chilly Breath
    Jack Castle Bat
    Athena Wings
    Gemini-S58 Eyes
    Gold Scratchcard
    RMSC2012 Special (Gold Strong Hair)
    Chain Puppet
    +7 Safe Refine Armor Ticket
    Flap Pope
    Angel Marcher Hat
    Gold Tones
    Mythlit hat
    White Cat Hood
    Aura Quartz
    Large Ribbon Muffler
    Imperial Feather
    Lolita Ten Gallon Hat
    Silver Scratchcard
    Black Strong Hair
    Face Crusher
    Helmet of Siegfried
    Crown of Victory
    Mad Hatter
    Lady Feather Hat
    Under Rim Glasses Red
    Prayer Cherry Blossom
    Sea Captain Hat
    Happy Summer Ribbon
    Angel Earrings
    Rabbit Headdress
    Evil Marcher Hat
    Love Cheeks
    Gothic Heart Wing
    Classical Ribbon
    Celines Ribbon
    Angel Mini Silk Hat
    Wing Style Spectacle
    Rune Helm
    Sunglass Baseball Hat
    Angeling Furhat
    Bronze Scratchcard
    Falling Maple Leaves
    Sweet Bonnet
    Feather Beret
    Drooping Neko Crew
    Survive Circlet
    Shrine Maiden Hat
    Raspberry Mousse Hat
    Horse King
    Bomb Hat
    Black Rabbit Bonnet
    Hat of Scrat
    SS Bandana
    Divine Guard Hat
    Alpaca Hood
    Lude Hood
    Diabolic Headphone
    Monochrome Cap
    Misty Ears
    Chicken Hat
    Steampunk Hat
    Sepia cap
    Flying Galapagos
    Majoruros Horn
    Plain Black Magic Hat
    Sea Captain Hat
    Drooping Agriope
    Rabbit Knit Hat
    Manater Flower Hat
    Scuba Gear
    Volume Fhat
    Dragon Turtle Hat
    Ifrit Mask
    Flapping Angeling

    Latest Updates: These items are only obtainable through Pierce NPC.
    1. Hellios Helm

    2. Helm of Dragon

    3. Pure Autumn Wings

    4. Azure Fierce Wings

    5. Fierce Wings

    6. Verdant Fierce Wings

    7. Gravestone Wings

    8. Ivory Fierce Wings

    Note:It can be in any of the Scratchcard tier.

    Additional Notes:

    - List below does not include the useless papers that you get most of the time.

    - New custom items were removed temporarily to complete its re-work.

    - This section will be updated from time-to-time.

    - Not every item in the list is revealed. We intend to keep the element of surprise, sincere apologies on that. Revealing everything would kill the fun.

    - Naddy has recently revealed in one of her events that the drop rate of items in
    Bronze Scratchcard is 40%. She will spill the secrets bit by bit throughout her events, so make sure to check out as her events usually come without any announcement.

    - You will get disappointed most of the time when playing this game (since 1 Gamble Lootbox costs 500 BG Badges), so be mentally prepared or risk flipping your table.

    That is all for now in this section. If it has any new updates, or new NPCs related to gambling, we will inform on our Discord channel. <3
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