Section 1: Beginner's Journey

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    Section 1: Beginner's Journey

    You will first begin in this map (prontera) . Spawning at that exact same spot as the Novice. Look for the Beginner's Zone to begin your leveling process.​

    Click on the smiling Novice with the hat below.

    You will end up in this map.
    Play around with the interface and get familiar with it.​

    Number 1 to 8: Level 1- 300
    Number 9: Not recommended for beginners to continue leveling.
    Since you begin with only 20,000 zeny, it is best if you pick up things along the way. ( Not @autoloot 100, @aloot rate 100 )​

    Job Changer NPC can also be found along the way.
    There is no need to go back to town, unless you die which is highly unlikely.
    Options in Job Changer:

    Note: If you die you will warp back to the same (numbered) area that you were last killed. No need to walk back all the way from No.1 to No.7-8.
    Protip in future: Alt+Q and click change for fast swapping equips.
    Best class to begin: Champion , Professor, Soul Linker (?)​

    Along the way you will see the same smiling boy that will heal you and repair your weapons.


    Protip 1.0: More members in party = Higher exp boost.
    Protip 2.0: There are other maps that give you boosted experience.
    Protip 3.0: Watch out for maps with PVP on. That indicates an MVP is alive and kicking.