Scheduled Server Maintenance (25.5.2021)

Discussion in 'Important News' started by Vie, May 24, 2021.

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    Good day to everyone,

    BetterRO will commence its scheduled maintenance on 25.5.2021 at approximately 15:00 Server Time (11.00pm GMT+8).

    The maintenance will take less than 10 minutes to apply the changes made.
    A changelog will be posted tomorrow (26.5.2021), that will provide details on the changes.

    Side Note: There are some concerns on the server's lifespan and continuity, therefore I should state that the server will remain open as it is for a very, very long time, surviving without depending on donation money ( FYI, not a single cent of the donation was used yet), and the team(?) would like to re-assure and provide 100% guarantee, to the players and the whole community that there will be no wipe and server reboot.

    Thank you for your patience and support.