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    Hello everyone,

    In preparation of the Scavenger Hunt, we will now begin the Opening Phase of the overall Event.

    Objective: As a Scavenger, you are challenged to find various Mission Tickets that are protected by the Royal Guards. This protector is set to kick you constantly in the ass as you battle your way to find a Magical Red Plant that holds 1x numbered Mission Ticket.
    You will find these Magical Plants inside town Inn's and they are protected by the Royal Guards. You can find them inside many Inn located in towns at the Central, East, West, North and South Towns.

    Example: The only town/city on the East is gonryun. Northern map has many towns, a bit difficult to find which town has these Magical Red Plants...

    Once you have required all the 3 different Mission Tickets, you will then be given access on March 5th for the location of Royal King that holds the key to grant you the required materials on how to acquire the legendary Scavenger License.

    From there, once you have retrieved all the necessary items, you will be eligible to trade for 1x Scavenger License.

    1) 1-9 Licensed Scavengers in server: 750 cash points + 1x item OF YOUR CHOICE that exist within the BetterRO's Server (Exluding donation tiems) per finished mission.

    2) 10-19 Licensed Scavengers in server: 1250 cash points + 1x item OF YOUR CHOICE that exist within the BetterRO's Server (Exluding donation items) per finished mission.

    3) 20-25 Licensed Scavengers in server: 50$ USD Prize + 1000 cash points + 1x item of YOUR CHOICE (excluding donation items) per finished mission.

    For simplicity, the more Licensed Scavengers in the server - the faster we reach the 3rd prize option! Every finished contract, you get to receive the 3rd prize...

    The Scavenger License is set to expire after 6 months. Once you lose the license, you would have to repeat the whole process to acquire/renew your License. Furthermore, once we reach more than 25 Professional Scavengers - we will update the prize bracket.

    The official launch is set for the 5th of March, the earliest. Worst case scenario, we would have it finished by the end of March.

    GM Pierce

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