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    I hope this finds you all well.

    Management has decided that to fully get the community involved in our vision.
    It is critical to allow the end-users to experience areas of our development.

    By doing this we can all make this project BETTER and show our commitment to our players that we truly value your feedback and concerns.

    That being said, we have decided to provide an OPEN BETA period before the launch of the Super WOE, by doing so it will allow the following:

    1. Guilds to test their roster composition, character build, etc.. And provide ample time to organize their members and logistics
    2. Will allow players of all orientation (PVP, SOLO, WOE) to experience and "get-to-know" what to expect from the official
    3. Allow users to provide feedback and report any bugs or critical concerns that may be of hindrance to a good game experience
    4. Players will be able to identify key aspects of the server's meta and provide suggestions for change (if any)
    5. Avoid a "shove-it-down-your-throat" environment for server development
    6. Establish a relationship between the server's developers and players so that the server can be developed to provide the best user experience as possible

    Important Notice:
    The beta test server will be wiped at the end of the beta test period.
    We can't name exact dates, we will announce it based on results (when testing will be completed)
    Note: Technically the WOE server is ready, we just need feedback on what needs to be fine-tuned to make it better and provide you a way to familiarize yourself with what you will be expecting from superWoE server.

    SuperWoE Details:


    Information about SuperWoE server and features you can be found here:
    Instant SuperWoE Server Information

    Download Links:
    Download Link for BetterRO Client
    You can already download and install the game client.

    When will Beta Test be launched?
    We plan to open the server for the beta test on 19 September <XX:XX> time.
    Please take note that this is not a regular game server and we do not expect big numbers for online users from the start, we do however encourage all of you to join us. Let all your voices be heard!
    Because this is just a test server and not the official server, this server will not follow the classic format.
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