MVP Cards in WOE

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Enable MVP Cards in WOE

Poll closed Aug 4, 2020.
  1. Yes pls

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  2. No

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  1. ninetynine99

    ninetynine99 New Member

    hey guys, random dude here looking for a new server for a fresh start. i played a few high rate servers since 2011 and i found this one that looks tempting to play but one thing that turns me off is no mvp card during woe. is this only during event or it applies after server launch? i hope that with this poll the staff can reconsider.
  2. Wookies

    Wookies New Member

    I strongly agree that MVP cards should be enabled in WOE. Why bother hunting them if we can't use it for the ONLY important aspect in game other than PVP? Maybe nerf the MVP cards to make it less OP...
  3. Pierce

    Pierce Moderator

    Hello, what are the servers you used to play back then?

    Maybe you could point out some pros and cons of MVP cards during WoE. Surely regarding this thread, we are asking players to vote on this poll to further tackle this topic.

    Looking forward to see you in the server and some friends you plan to bring with to dominate! This is exciting :)

    This is a fair point in general. It would help us pinpoint the exact pros and cons if you could send out some concerns on this specific topic.

    Surely, it's fun to hunt MVP with a party as a whole. I hope you sent your vote along with your friends so you can all enjoy what you expect from betterRO!

    Kind regards,

  4. Hyrux

    Hyrux New Member

    +1, I strongly suggest that cards like Thanatos, GTB, etc. should be nerfed since the drop rate its 10% so