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    Important Notice:
    Selling or buying items for real money is not allowed. Don't do it!
    Please be wary of scammers as the GM will not be responsible for any items lost in the process.


    • Depending on what type of thread you're making, please title it appropriately:

      B> for Buying
      S> for Selling
      P/C> for Price Checking
    • Do not test the waters, such as threads to fish prices will not be tolerated, you are either seriously selling an item or not.
    • Please do not bump your thread until it is off the first page. Excessive bumps will be treated as spam, don't do it.
    • Please try to use only one thread at a time. Separate threads for auctioning high-end items are fine, but try to keep them to a minimum.
    • For reiteration, selling or buying items for real money (RMT) is not allowed. Selling accounts for any form of currency (in-game or out) is also not allowed. If it's not an item, don't sell it or buy it! Breaking this rule may result in your account(s) being banned!
    • Trading one game account for another one, i.e. betterRO account or another gaming company's account, i.e. a Riot League of Legends account for an RO account is not allowed.
    • If linking to game sources is necessary, please use
    • Selling and trading character names are not allowed on forums, the transaction is not supported and would be done entirely at your own risk.

    • If the thread is not a Price Check, please keep your opinions about the item's value out of the thread. And so complaints about prices "You are overcharging!" will not be tolerated. The marketplace is open and an item's worth is determined by how much one would pay for it. If however multiple auctions of the same item are being listed, then redirecting the user to cheaper ones is acceptable, please note that this must be done in the most appropriate manner.
    • Discussing items functions are better suited in their respective subsections, posts of such in the marketplace will be treated as derail and removed.
    • Remember that the seller does reserve the right not to sell if they so choose. Likewise, you also have the right to withdraw bids or offers.
    • Fake offers aren't allowed. If you aren't serious about buying the item, please do not post. After having an offer rejected, please don't offer again with something close to the original offer to troll.
    • Please use the PM system to speak with prospective buyers or sellers, the market forums are not for discussions or arguments.
    • Do not call out the seller, as mentioned above, use the private messenger to discuss the trade if it's necessary.

    Failure to comply with any of the rules above will result in mods intervention, topic termination, or user suspension as appropriate.

    Please do not take matters in your hand, if things require our attention then please report the topic/user through the forums report button.
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