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    Wargods Season 1 is BetterRO's main event which will be hosted every 3 months.
    It is a War of Emperium, point-based system that is scheduled to commence on 13 December 2020.

    Prize Pool:
    500 USD

    Each Guild Member will receive:
    1000 Better Coins
    5000 War Badge
    2000 Monster Powder
    1000 Boss Tickets
    500 Event Tickets

    There will only be one winner. Winner takes it all.

    General Mechanics
    • Maximum Guild Capacity : 20
    • Date: 13.12.2020
    • Duration: 3 months
    • Guild Alliance Disabled
    • 2 WOEs per week (1 FE 1 SE)
    • FE Castle : 1 point (Friday 14:00 Server Time)
      SE Castle : 2 points (Sunday 12:00 Server Time)
    • Guild that owns the castles at the end of WOE will receive the point(s).
    • Points non-transferrable if guild disbands
    • 4 different FE Castles, 4 different SE castles per month.
    • At the third month of the tournament, one extra castle will be added per WOE session.
    • The extra castle will have 2 points for FE castle, and 4 points for SE castle.
    • The scoreboard will be updated regularly in Forums and Discord.
    • At the end of the every month, all castles will reset.
    • GvG Event will be held randomly after WOE which requires you to register.
      Winner of GvG Event : 3 points
    Rules and Regulations
    • Guilds do not have to register for this tournament.
    • Any form of cheating, unfair strategies and tactics that are frown upon will disqualify the guild(s) involved from this tournament.
    • Guilds that do not have emblems or transparent emblems will be given a warning, and repeated offence will result to disqualification.
    • Any insult/trashtalk/flaming the GMs throughout this tournament (During WOE or non-WOE) will disqualify the whole guild. Be nice.
    • Changing leaders one hour before WOE will be disabled. You have to purchase the Guild Leader Ticket if you wish to do so.
    • Prize Pool is subjected to change according to the number of participating guilds.
    • Every new season the Prize Pool will multiply.
      (Season 1: 500USD Season 2: 1000USD Season 3: 2000USD Season 4: 4000USD)
    • The extra castle at the end of the month is also subjected to change, if there are no extra castle at the 3rd month, the points will be doubled for the castles involved.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: Guild Capacity 20? It's not enough!
    A: We may increase the guild capacity but the maximum we are willing to increase is 24 per guild.

    Q: Guild Alliance disabled? What if I make a pact with another guild and we are unofficially allies?
    A: By all means, you may do so.

    Q: FE Castles? QQ Portal Def.
    A: Which is why it's only 1 point. SE castles is where the GvG action is at, hence 2 points.

    Q: What is considered unfair strategy/tactics as stated in Rules and Regulation?
    A: Tactics such as 2 guilds that are unofficially allies, using their ally to break the emp when enemy guild is closing in to emp room. And repeating the process again and again. This is one of the strategies that are frown upon. Such strategies will disqualify both guilds. This is only one example.

    Q: (Season 1: 500USD Season 2: 1000USD Season 3: 2000USD Season 4: 4000USD)? You're kidding right? There's no way you must be scamming us!
    A: You may refer to our #weekly-giveaways in Discord and to the winners of Super WOE event. They have received their prizes. There were no complains in Discord, Forums, or Ratemyserver that we did not deliver the prizes that we offer. We have a good track record of that, and we intend to maintain that proven track record.

    Q: Why are you giving real cash prizes? Is in-game rewards not enough?
    A: The project leader understands the hardship that many people around the world are going through right now due to the pandemic. Therefore, this is one of the ways to help them. While this may not be much to help, at least it's something. Sometimes even 50USD is considered alot to certain areas of a country. If everyone can do small contributions in helping people, be it giving foods or soup kitchen or anything, we can make the world a better place. :)

    If there are any questions, or any informations that are unclear, you may PM any of our staff in-game, Discord or Forums.

    Thank you. May the best guild wins. :)

    Latest Update: We will commence this tournament once the server has a minimum of four(4) active WOE guilds. Thank you for your patience and support!

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