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    okeh LORD KNIGHT build

    so lets start with a nub intro
    LK can tank, burst damage, has mobility (peco-peco). bash ppl heads at pvp/bg can have a little range (Spear Spear Boomerang) and many more so its good for newbies that want to play bg or pvp, so let's start for the stats.

    Str: 450
    Agi: 250
    Int:100 (for more spam of skill)
    Dex: 400 or 300
    Luk: the rest stats

    Top HG: Majestic Helment (easy quest at maysel)
    Mid HG: Devoted Eyes if can afford (so you dont need maya purple card)
    Lower HG: Blue Premium Scarf
    Cards to put in HG: Gemini, archangeling, Maya Purple ( if no devoted eyes), kiel card.

    Armor: 3 Valk Armor Ghostring for AD,Asura
    Tao Gunka Card for People using thana
    Evil Druin Card for immunity status

    Shield: 3 Valk shield Thara Frog Card, Horn Card, GTB Card. and
    1 Orleans Server + Maya Card for bolters.

    Weapons: +10 pike Thana Card 1 Turtle General 2 Hydra.(for high vit opponents)
    +10 pike 2 TG CARD 2 Hydra Card (default weapon)

    Shoes: 2 valk shoes for switching Amon RA Card and Moonlight Card

    Garment: 2 Valk Mantue Raydric Card, Noxious Card

    Accessories: Medal of Honor (swordsman) you can buy this at bg shop
    2 Ring of Strength (2aligator card or 1erende card 1 alligator card)

    the key is switching
    Always use Concentration Skill, buffs and buffs scrolls and don't forget the converters, box of panting, and Berserk skill.

    Hope my noob build guide helps..
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