Kill for a branch

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    Kill for a branch


    Currently, MVPS are the primary source of fun for a large part of the members of the server. However, other types of games such as battle ground, WOE, and even some instances are being substituted by MVP Hunting. It Is important to highlight how much we enjoy killing these bosses and as a proof of it, now many of us have purchased THQ items for this purpose. As a result the idea "killing for MVP" may be a solution to balance both: PVP and MVP.


    • Promote PVP duels, which will also encourage the players to get equipment from BG and instances.

    • Promote MVP hunting, but in a different way


    -City Centre

    NPC called kill for a branch

    Or a place called colosseum

    -Inside the colosseum.

    Mike Tyson

    -2 players

    -PVP arena

    Game rules

    1. The game consisted of 2 duels, each time the player killed the other, he/she will get 2 BG.

    2. Before the duel the players will have 5 seconds to get ready for the duel.

    3. At the end of the fight, the player will need to click on Mike tyson and get a bloody branch.

    The weapon restrictions are already established.



    1 Bloody branch

    And MVPS when we activate the BB
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