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    Information about SuperWoE BetterRO Server


    What is betterRO SuperWoE Server?

    This is not the official BetterRO server.

    This is a server made by our management and developer team with the main purpose of organizing the SuperWoE event between guilds. It is also a way to enable the official server to provide the most balanced, optimal, and fair mechanics that will satisfy everyone's needs in the WoE scene.

    We can describe it via just one sentence:
    No leveling or hunting is needed. Almost all items are available via the NPCs to include MVP and rare equipment (i.e Battlegrounds Equipment). Our team worked hard in structuring everything so that it is easy to understand.

    This is one map world. No Pronteras, no areas with mobs.
    Maps that you can expect to see:
    1) Main superWoE map
    2) Guild locations
    3) WoE castles
    4) PVP Arenas
    5) Battleground Locations.

    ***Access everywhere else is blocked***

    Features of SuperWoE server

    Equipment Zone:


    Here you can buy:
    • Weapons
    • Equipment
    • Cards (MVP and Miniboss too)
    • Battlegrounds Equipment

    Character Management Zone:

    Here you can manage your character:
    • Instant Job changer, reset, breeder
    • Build Manager and healer spells configuration
    • Consumables shop (pots, arrows, skill required items, and so on)
    • Stylist to make yourself pretty

    Left Side Area


    You can find it here:
    • Healer (you can select what buffs you need)
    • Refiner (100% refine) up to max levels and Enchanter
    • Kafra with useful options
    • NPC for Taekwons
    • NPC for Rouge job (plagiarism spell).

    Right Side Area

    You will find here:
    • PVP and GVG (mechanics like in WoE map) map for testing your builds.
    • Battlegrounds for people who love it.
    • Emperium Breaker
    • SuperWoE event entrance (red portal)
    • Utility for auto-entering useful commands on the login
    The bottom side of the map


    Here you can find different portals that will warp you to a guild location.
    Optionally you can use @gogl (only if you're authorized for guild location by admin)

    Guild Locations


    This is a private place for one guild only. 1 Guild location per 1 active WoE guild.
    You can find all required NPC's and custom functions for guild leaders on this map, similar to the NPCs available on main town.

    I will not duplicate the text above about the features, just a few notes about Guild Leader NPC on the map: you can spawn custom mobs, enable or disable PVP/GVG on the map.

    What's the purpose behind all of this?
    To identify the perfect balance in mechanics before server launch. This is a great environment for doing experiments and improving it. The SuperWoE event is a temporary one, but the regular server will be here for years. This is an ideal place for doing testing and improvements.

    Second (main): - We want to organize the first High Rate inter-server tournament and to showcase a new,fresh WoE scene. We strongly believe that we can achieve it.

    What can't you do on an Instant SuperWoE Server?
    This is not a classic RO server. There will be no events (except WoE, BG, PVP).
    There are no nice quests, headgears with custom effects,MVP, nice systems. Nothing. The beta server will cease to exist when the super WoE event has concluded.

    What's next?

    A Brief Timeline:
    1. Beta of superWoE. ☑
    2. Trial period/testing phase when everything will be ready and everyone will be familiar with the results. ☑
    3. Organizing the Super WOE between different guilds. ☑
    4. Super WOE will run for 2 weeks.
    5. At the conclusion of Super WOE - we will close down this test superWoE server.
    6. Launch the main game server with much better features than what other HR servers can offer.
    Please download our game client and start playing!
    Download Link for BetterRO Client
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