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In-Game Rules

Discussion in 'General Instructions' started by Shuya, Jun 26, 2020.

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  1. Shuya

    Shuya Moderator


    Rules may be stacked depending on your actions, the punishment will increase on the amount of rules you violated.
    (1st Offense: 1 week ban, 2nd Offense: 1 month ban, 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban)
    1. Duping, scamming, hacking, botting is not allowed. If proven guilty, your account will be banned with no appeal.
    2. Buying, Selling, and/or Trading of items/zeny in BetterRO for real money/credits, any currency to other servers, is not allowed.
    3. Do not attempt to sell or trade your account to another player.
    4. Using names such as, "GM", "Game Master", "Admin", "Administrator","Developer" etc..in character, party, guild is not allowed. It may mislead/impersonate to the others. If we find out that you have been doing this, your account will be banned with no appeal.
    5. Farm killing yourself, or other players for the sake of gaining points in PvP is not allowed.
    6. Advertising other servers to any chats/forums is not allowed!
    7. Show respect for all players including the GM staff team. The staff are players too, all individuals have the right to be respected by others.
    8. Kill stealing MVPs is not allowed.
    9. Begging for zeny and items are not allowed.
    10. Do not impersonate GMs. This includes inappropriate use of homunculus and pet names which will result in your account to be banned with no appeal.
    11. Do not impersonate other players or in other ways attempt to assume their identity.
    12. Asking to be unbanned if you were banned, or asking for real information through any means will not be tolerated. File an appeal and talk to the staff team privately using Ticket System.
    13. Guild emblems must be visible to others when participating in War of Emperium. Meaning, your guild emblem cannot be “nothing” or any image with small letters. It has to be something big and should be visible to other players. Failure to do this may result in punishment.
    14. Do NOT give your account information outside or to anyone. The GM team will not ask for your ID or password, please take caution with this. If you share your account information, and someone takes your items from your account, do NOT ask a GM to replace your items.

      Everyone who is identified to disobey the above rules are subject to punishments and can lead to server ban.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.