[Guide] How to survive without 300 LUK status Immunity

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Opus, Feb 26, 2021.

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    As per our latest update, there is no more 300 LUK as our protection to 40+ status ailments. Sad? I know. But now it opens up to a whole new possibilities (except when killing MVP, of course).

    First of all, let's list down all the possible status ailments you can deal or recieve:

    You can have a read of each status ailments to get you a better picture of what will happen to you in the future and what will happen to your enemies too.

    The statuses that heavily concerns many players are as follows:
    • Freeze
    • Stun
    • Silence
    • Curse
    • Sleep
    • Stone Curse

    While waiting for new customs to arrive. Here are your possible counters to the status ailments above:
    • Archangeling Card: Immune to Freeze (if STR is 450)
    • Gemini S-58 Card: Immune to Stun,Silence,Sleep,Stone Curse even if it actually says 90%. You only have to get that amount of stats that is required.
    • Orc Hero Card: Immune to Stun
    • Marduk Card: Immune to Silence.
    • Nightmare Card: Immune to Sleep.
    • Hellios Helm: Immune to Stun and Freeze.
    And many more.
    You will now be able to do 3rd job status ailments and also have equips that give you immunity to 3rd job status effects in the future.

    Don't be afraid to try something new. n_n

    1. Arrow Shower does AOE status effects.
    2. Cursed Hand is now good against healers who are healing too much,
    3. You can put more stats other than LUK. (High Flee, carry more stuff, INT,DEX)
    4. Always bring Panacea/Green Potion.
    5. High Priest will always be your good friend.
    The only downside you will ever have is when you are facing MVP. This new change benefits MVP by alot. They can wide sleep, wide curse, wide this and wide that. Good luck!
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