[Guide] How to Smash dem New OP MVPs

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    Latest Update: It seems that the new MVPs, even though heavily buffed in terms of HP and skills, players are able to solo it. Congratulations. You da man. But I am 100% sure you have a hard time with some of their annoying skills. So you should read this troll guide again.

    The guide I will be posting is half-theory, some tested, and proven.

    I will just get straight to the point.


    1. Time Holder (Mob ID: 3890)
    Level: 500
    HP: 950,000,000
    DEF: 70
    MDEF: 70 + shitty soft MDEF
    Race: Demon
    Element: Neutral 4
    Size: Large

    This asswipe, is almost impossible to kill alone. You see what I did there? Almost. Very low attack delay (which means over 197 ASPD), has Professor's Soul Burn that 1 hits you, doesn't matter how tanky you are, not even Steel Body can do jackshit.

    If you really want to solo this bastard, this is what I'd tell you from what I've seen this player do:
    He asura's and dies,and /where his spot. Now he @jump asura,die, rinse and repeat till he's dead.

    How to kill this Big Ball?

    One solution to kill this Bigass ball with bunch of creepy eyes, teamplay. You've done your fair share of kiling MVPs solo. Now why not call some friends? Preferably a team that consists of a Sniper,Sinx,Paladin,Champion,Bio, last but not least, a Linker!
    Total needed: 6
    Total that you actually need: 3-4.

    The strategy usually starts with Steel Body during the early days, when I was a bot hunter, but no, not this Big Ball. You have SP = You die.
    So what do you do? Simple, the tanker must have 0 SP. How to get 0 SP?
    Do I really have to tell you? Berserk ma homie,Berserk.Or LK Card would work too. Even better just asura some Clocks around the map. 0 SP + 50% weight. You gucci man.

    Since you can't devo Berserk players, Champion is the one you need to devo. Your Champ guy will take huge amount of damage (Soul Burn ain't his only skill). Refrain other party members from using Magic, but if you insist, you must Dispell his "Magic Mirror" to avoid death in 3 seconds.

    If you are fully equipped with ALL THQ ITEMS , congratulations mi hombre! But no, it will still 1 hit you.

    Your main DPS here is Sinx of course, Do not use Berserk because the Ball has Dispell. Your normal EQs would be sufficient to kill (with THQ itamz,faster.)

    Snipers? Don't bother. It will instantly pneuma when one arrow poked his eyes. Not to mention he also has Defender, a LEVEL 5 DEFENDER. My opinion? Just let your sniper friend watch, or if he insists that he can be useful, use Phantasmic Arrow or Falcon Assault. I heard it pierces through pneuma.

    tl;dr (FOR TIME HOLDER ONLY): Pally devo sinx and champ,SP must be 0 at all times,Linked Bio Potion Pitcher Pally, and these 3 is the core and should suffice in killing Time Holder.

    Some notable equipment/cards/strats that can smoothen the process:
    - High Priest Card (10 seconds barrier, all incoming damage becomes 1, you can't move or attack).

    -Any Weapons from the Treasure Hunter Quest.

    -Any weapon/equipment that deals more damage to Demon monsters.

    - Any Weapon/equipment that deals more damage to Neutral Property monsters.

    - Any Weapon/Equipment that deals more damage to Large Size monster.

    - Time Holder's slaves are just Clocks, but not the ordinary Clock. It has safetywall, bunch of painful attack skills, Wide Silence and Lex Aeterna too. Best if you ignore these because once they are dead, they will respawn again.

    - Did I mention that this Big 8-eyed Ball has Asura Strike Level 50 (No, not 10,50.)

    - Do NOT have too much DEF+SOFT DEF. This pesky Ball has Investigate (skill that has Thanatos effect). Therefore, recommendation is to make it zero by:
    using Hyuke Black Cat Ears, and spike/grimtooth
    (With Steel Body you should have 90 HARD DEF + 0 VIT DEF. Damage still painful but it won't one-hit you like you're a Poring.

    Note; I understand some players are unwilling to team up to fight and they prefer solo. This is simple problem with simple solution, gentleman. Just make a damn deal.

    Example: Player A,B,C,D,E agrees to fight Big Ass Ball. Everyone in the party can either vote for what they want. Or each and every single member /roll dice and gets to decide what item to pick (if he gets the highest number). ONLY ONE ITEM GOSH DONT BE A GREEDY ASSWIPE. Then Player A will also decide who gets what they want next - B, D, C ,E.
    Then after killing 20 of these Big Balls. 5 of you would've gotten what they want.

    Of course boys, of course, the possibility of "Player gets item X, proceeds to not join the raid no more". This is why MVP Guild is IMPORTANTE! COMPRENDE?! You recruit if you trust, and stop playing solo MVPing. It's inefficient. Those days how does Masaaki and *cough* Opus *cough* do to dominate MVP in all servers?
    Create an excel spreadsheet, with formulas and ****. Person A records MVP kills, Person B sleeps. Person B wakes up, records MVP kills, then sleep. Rinse and repeat.
    It'd look something like this where you enter the MVP time's death it will automatically show the next MVP timing for the MVP.

    But that's not the point fuck those sheets and excels.

    The point is loots are shareable, and if today you don't get it, tomorrow you will. The rewards from these MVPs are shareable, except the ones with 10% chances.
    Compromise, tolerate, organize. Be a smart ass. Don't be like Gandalf asking you to fly because you're a fool.

    2. Gioia (Mob ID: 3889)
    HP: 850,000,000
    Race: Formless
    Element: Wind (4)
    Size: Large

    Why do I bold those things? Because you can take damn good advantage of it. Use massive earth-related skill, weapons, converters, hell even convert that MVP to whatever element (if that's possible at all, which I doubt so).

    Same goes to the Big Ball above, this Square Box pretty much has the same skill as Big Ball, except Soul Burn. However, Square Box has Assumptio and Defender. This is not a funny combo because it makes Snipers useless as hell, so don't bring them to this raid even if it drops a Bow under my name.
    Update: My bow is gone now, I didn't know a vendor was selling it okay, fuck.

    Last I checked this Angry Red Box does not have slaves. Maybe it will soon? I wonder. Just watch out for it's Water Ball, Asura Strike (Level 25,lesser damage, I hope), and Magic Mirror (Magic Reflect including AOE). Prof is good in this case, just spam Dispell, its Defender and Magic Mirror should be gone for at least 10 seconds.
    Update: It has these blue mermaids, they walk faster than the growth of my money. Annoying, but still easy to ignore, unlike those Zanzous.

    Bottom line: Same strat as above, Pally + Champ + Sinx (you can go berserk now and let pally tank the damage you receive from reflect shield,hoho). Champ Steel Body as usual, be a teamplayer, don't be an ass trying to spam asura on the Angry Red Box. He will asura you back.

    Strats that you can try: Reflect strat - Orc Lord, Maya Card, Thorn Buckler, Horn of Bison, Pirate Dagger, you name it. It could work, never tried.

    3. Dark Guardian Kades

    HP: 950,000,000
    Race: Formless
    Element: Dark (4)
    Size: Large (@mi does not state, but it's Large.)

    This badass looking MVP has Gargoyles as its slave. Yeah, yeah, they're called Wallows originated from our first Halloween event in the server. Dem WakWaks are no joke to most players, but bearable for some (with full set of MVP gears). Even the slaves have Acid Demonstration and Dispell, what a troll. Not to mention Meltdown so get your FCPs up. Any anti-knockback equip is a must here because those slaves will push you away like no tomorrow.

    Kades also has Coma, which means you have to make sure you are Undead, to avoid your HP going straight to 1. Unless your autopots are quick enough to heal you, then by all means go for other cards in your armor. Is there a wing that turns you into Undead property? Hmm.

    Bottom line, just throw this black hoodie monster some Holy property attacks and you gucci man. No problemo. Except all the new MVPs now have this heal skill that puts them back to full health if you leave them idle for awhile, or even while attacking them. Yeah I know, pisses me off too (in test server of course bruh).

    4. Pyuriel

    HP: 550,000,000
    Race: Demi Human
    Element: Fire (3)
    Size: Large

    Pyuriel looks angry all the time because it's original name is Angry Student Pyuriel. His slaves, the Bangungots, they are so fat that sometimes you can't even aim the angry kid. Also has the same issue as Kades, where its slaves pushes you away and does not want to see you at all. This magic-type MVP, however, does not have the INT to whoop you to oblivion. High vitters should be careful of this sneaky kid since it investigates you when he feels like it. Yes, that champion skill that is similar to Thanatos effect? This kid can 1-hit you no problem.

    Where there's Investigate, there's always Asura Strike, and Pyuriel has them. It's just less OP than Leviathan's. No worries on that if you have some of the anti-Asura gears.

    With that said, just wipe this kid with Water property. Ez. He can throw Comet at your face, Earth Strain (That huge AOE Heaven Drive), but he'll go down like tofu since he does not have pneuma skills. He only has Barrier, which only makes you do 1 damage for a short period of time. A price he has to pay will be that he becomes stoned af, like he smoked 3 joints at that moment, while his slaves try to kill you with no success to be seen. Dispell this douce and you're fine.

    5. General Daehyon

    HP: 950,000,000
    Race: Demi Human
    Element: Fire (2)
    Size: Medium

    This is the
    worst MVP in this server after Leviathan's appearance. When it first showed up at the Guild Dungeon, this 'General' does not move at all. Total badass. Has 8 Zanzou slaves around him. And his slaves are the reason that this MVP is the worst in terms of trying to kill him.

    Zanzou's Final Strike (Yes, the Ninja skill), is truly a kamikaze-style strat. Each of them will just stroll to your face and Final Strike you and their HP becomes 1, only to die and respawn again few seconds later. Without proper MVP gears, you're bound to die with the barrage of Final Strikes. There are gears that reduce Final Strike damage (thank god), so you should be fine. That's the only obstacle you have to face, the rest should be a breeze.

    The Dilemma of MVP's Full Heal
    Up to the time of writing (23.2.2021), the new MVPs have been buffed to have non-interruptible skill, which heals them back to full health. Yeah, those hard work after dying 20 times last time? It won't pay off now if you leave em' hanging. All of them, including Celine Kimi and Leviathan, will heal themselves back to full health, doesn't matter if you leave them idle while you jump back to their asses, or while you are attacking. Each and every single one of these MVPs have the same pattern before it goes back to full health.

    A very, very long cast time.

    You can hit them as much as you want, but once they finish casting, that 1% HP left can go back up to 100%, leading you to flip your table like you lost a hundred grand.

    As we all know (maybe intermediate,expert players), anything with cast time, even if it cannot be interrupted with normal attack, there is always a way to stop them from casting. I am not sure why some players have issues with this shitty skill that they call 'buff', when the answer is easier than thinking of a place to bring your girlfriend for dinner. It's called
    Spell Breaker. Every Professor has it, but no one uses it. It's High Rate, who the hell has cast times anyway? Well, the new MVPs do. So befriend a Professor, or:
    Just get a Hydrolancer Card.

    Same effect, same result.

    To end this troll guide, if you have reached up to this point, thank you for reading. I was adding new custom equipment to the server, and it was so tiring so I had to stop for a while and continue with this story, uh, I mean guide. Yea, nah this guide isn't straight to the point. I love to write when I hit a wall (when scripting). Editing scripts ain't easy as I thought, and I haven't got to balancing part yet.

    That's all for now.
    Till next time then.

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