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    Hello everyone,

    Are you new to Better RO environment and want to start hunting and competing on MvP scene? Do you find MvPs hard to kill? Say no more, this guide is designed for beginners as well as old players.

    Beginner level: New on the server with no stuff !

    So far, best MvP jobs as a beginner are (by order):

    1/ Assassin Cross.
    Yes this class is the easiest to build for a beginner. using time-limited stuff you can get from Gift Box NPC (only once per account !).

    Weapons: Ice Pick [1] + Blade [4] + 5 Abysmal Knight Cards, for this you either need to farm some zeny to buy Ice Pick from NPC shop @go 30 and attempt to slot it, or farm Ice Pick on Lord Of the Dead on MvP Room for non-slotted Ice Pick, or buy it from players, or try your luck on RSX who loot both at 30%.

    Equipment: Freebie stuff (better Cape + armor + ring + shoes + headgears)

    Skills: you only need Enchant Deadly Poison, you can easily farm Poison Bottles on Bio Lab 3 with a High Wizard. As for how to kill them, you only need to Auto Attack, and Meteor Assault Slaves.

    Stats: full STR / 300-350 DEX (or you'll miss some MvPs on fury mode !), 1 Luk as you don't wanna Crit on MvPs using Ice Pick, rest on VIT for survivability.

    Consumables: Ygg Berry would be your best choice for consumables, can be easily farmed with High Wizard at Hidden Maze 3. But bear in mind that there is some delay when using Ygg !!

    + Easy to use job with auto attack and EDP
    + Faster MvPing
    + Highest DPS in RO

    - Requires Consumables (PB)
    - No Element enchant possibilities (unless you wanna tryhard more with enchant scrolls)
    - May miss some MvPs (Randgris on fury mode)
    - Weak to push back skills

    2/ Soul Linker.
    To be honest this is the job I've started with on this server for MvPs, it deals less damage than sinX but it has other advantages.

    Equipements: full Freebie stuff (Better Ring does work with magical damage as well !!) + Osiris Card slotted on any accessory. Osiris can be farmed on MvP Room.

    Shield: any accessible shield with Flame Skull Card (for regular mobs) & another shield with Alice Card (for heavy mvps like bio / randgris whose slaves are also boss type).

    Skills: Here you have some variety:

    I'd suggest to have all Warm Wind levels laid on you bm shortcuts for ease of use, for example i'm using seconde line of shortcuts for Warm Wind, where 1st shortcut is 1 and last one is 9 on my keyboard, I've also learned by heart which element correspond to each warm wind level, so for example if i'm facing Vesper, i just press 6 which is lv6 warm wind = enchant shadow.

    For damage skill, i'm mainly using Estun + Esma.

    Other skills that can be very usefull on SL: Runing, High Jump (Leap), Thumbling (BreakFall) and mostly Kaziel, this skill combined with Osiris card gives you Full Life each time you revive, so whenever you're facing an MvP and you die first time with Kaziel, just press high jump to run away from MvP temporarly and use Kaziel on yourself, then target MvP again.

    Stats: Full INT, 400 LUK (note that decrease agi reduce luk up to 100 in this server), 180 DEX, 100 STR (for weight purpose), enough AGI for 197 aspd with decrease agi, and rest on VIT for survivability.

    Side Notes: Your main goal with this Job is to get your hands on 3x Vesper Cards + White Student Cap (Job Specific Headgear @ Maysel NPC), an interesting suggestion for staff member is to add Vesper Card on Mvp Hunting shop at the cost of 50 boss tickets maybe?

    + Require no consumables to survive MvPs
    + Can enchant 7 elements
    + Searching MvPs easily with High Jump
    + Can use shield for more tankiness
    + Can kill pretty much all MvPs

    - Weak to Magical reflect MvPs (FBH, Beelz, Satan Morocc...)
    - Lower damage than SinX
    - Damage can be reduced by Defender on some MvPs (Lady Tanee, Atroce...)
    - Pretty hard to chain Estun + Esma without Macros (ah macros, i'll talk about that later)

    Additional tips:
    Once you get your hand on a Memory of Thanatos Card, you can skip to the next level of MvPing (that i'll write later on a separate guide).

    Also you may already know but, whenever an MvP is there on his natural respawn, the map turns into PvP-ON Mode, that's an easy way to know if an MvP is ON or not.

    An interesting tool that I want to share with everyone as well (see attached item), called Promvp, it's an independent tool from Ragnarok client that works like an agenda, where you can note down every MvP you've killed, it's already set up with official respawn delays for all MvPs and once an MvP that have been noted down have respawned, a pop-up message will appear on your screen with a knock-knock sound effect.

    upload_2021-1-3_12-41-47.png upload_2021-1-3_12-42-41.png

    As you can see in previous screenshots, the left one is the default window you'll find once you open it, then if you click on the clock button at the bottom, right image will appear with all mvps and their durations until respawn, if you want to fill in any MvP with death time manually (in case you just logged in and all mvps are already dead), just right click on any mvp and choose "set time manually", remember to enter correct time of your computer and not server time.

    One last thing, there are other ways to farm MvPs: farming Bloody Branch quest is also a thing, I got my first thanatos card on a random bb from quest with some guild mates. I heard that Staff members are looking to make this bb quest more accessible than before.

    One other way to farm MvPs is to farm Endless Tower and Endless Cellar, although it requires more members, we managed to do it with 3 members but that will come on an advanced guide, for now if you can gather the following jobs for Endless Cellar, you can do it easily:

    Champion: Steel body and tanking stuff, especially versus heavy mvps such as Kiel, Gloom and Bio Mvps at the end (yes you face all 5 bio mvps one by one at the end)
    High Wizard: not mandatory but best class to clear regular floors
    Creator: only useful against WS mvp at the end because he full strips.
    SinX & Soul Linkers: DPS job for MvP floors

    Floors with extra care: Bacsojins + Lady Tanee floor, Geminis floor, Byorgues floor & Final Floor (get away from the center once you've cleared all 5 bio mvps !!!)

    If you manage to find stable team for this, you can easily get most wanted mvp cards like bio lab thana vesper (there is even a Nyddoghur!) and each team member will get 5x Event Tickets + 1 Bloody Branch upon clearing it.

    VoilĂ  !!! that's all for my first MvP guide, I hope it'll help a lot of new players as well as existing players to some extent. I'll try to write a second guide for advanced and middle-stuffed players.

    Also please note that it may not be the perfect guide, I welcome everyone to add their input in a constructive way to help new players get on track faster.


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  2. Vie

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    Great guide with built-in timer for MVP respawn!

    Your phone rings 6am in the morning.
    "Ifrit will spawn in 10 minutes."
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