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    Guide to Better RO 101

    This is a basic walkthrough on how to navigate your way around the server.

    You have to explore on your own or with your friends for in-depth details.

    Currently, @warp is disabled for now. Reasons shall be explained later in some of the sections.

    Please note that some of the sections of the guide are still in progress, and will be updated regularly.

    Look out for Protips, it is good knowledge.

    Table of Contents:

    Section 1: Beginner's Journey
    Section 2: Utility NPCs

    Section 3: Commands
    Section 4: Custom Mechanics | Cards | Skills | Items

    Section 5: Battlegrounds
    Section 6: Hunting Missions
    Section 7: MVP System
    Section 8: Zeny Farming, Economy, and Currencies
    Section 9: Events
    Section 10: Pierce the Compulsive Gambler (Gambling NPC)
    Section 11: How to Macro like a Pro
    Section 12: Pet System

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