General Guidelines for Guild Recruitment

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    General Guidelines:

    Use [Open] to show your guild is currently recruiting new members. Removing that tag could indicate a guild is closed or not actively recruiting for whatever reason.

    Specify [Latin] [PH] [BR] or other country identifiers if you want to recruit regionally or by language

    Adding in words like [Active][Casual] [Social][PvE] [PvP] [WoE] [Grinding] or [Raiding] to your thread title helps with recruiting members that fit your guild’s social climate.

    If your guild runs events, it’s good to note that by including [Events]

    An informative and effective recruitment headline will look something like this:

    [Open] Pogidude [Casual/PvE/Social/Events/NoLvlReq]

    Ideally, your headline should let a prospective member know right away if your guild is what they are looking for with the use of tags.

    Rules :

    One thread per guild. If your original poster is no longer able to maintain your thread, contact staff to close it and you may reopen a new one.

    No posting videos, meetups, recruitment, or discussion of games that are not Ragnarok titles. If your guild is also active in other games, please discuss that content outside of this forum.

    All threads must follow board-wide guidelines.

    Bumping is permitted in this section within reason. Out of courtesy to others, bumps should be done only if your guild’s thread falls off the first page of this section.

    Guild-centered drama will not be tolerated. This includes harassing a guild in your own thread and others. Signatures or icons that target other guilds are not acceptable. Violating posts, signatures, icons, or profile content will be removed.

    If you see a post or member violating forum rules, please report it via the report feature available on every post. Continual breaking of these rules will result in moderator action.

    Keep your guild recruitment posts on topic and friendly! <3
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Thread Status:
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