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    This post will be updated from time to time with more FAQ as needed.

    Q: My (IGN) account have been suspended/hacked! Can I get some help?
    A: Be sure to add in as much information as possible! In the case of hacked accounts, changing passwords immediately may help prevent further account access by unwanted users and discontinue the use of your account until the staff members can investigate your account. Be sure to never give out your passwords or visit suspicious websites and update your security/service softwares up-to-date!

    Q: <Item Name>/ <NPC Name> / <Skill Name> / <etc> is bugged!
    A: Please add a detailed description of the issue and our developers will get that fixed as soon as possible.

    Q: <Item Name>/ <NPC Name> / <Skill Name> / <etc> is too imba! NERF PLS!
    A: This section is for technical support only. Please go to Suggestions and Player Discussions in Players Feedback category to voice out the issues in regards to this matter.

    Q: I can't login to the server!
    A: Check the server status if it's online or down for maintenance.

    Q: I suspect <GM Name> is one-sided towards a specific audience / corrupt / @item-ing !
    A: Please submit a ticket as this section for bugs and installation issues only. We'll investigate the issue thoroughly, no elements of bias and without prejudice. GM's are not invisible here. P/S: Our head GM will not be a player to ensure unbiased judgement,incorruptible and responsible in maintaining this server's integrity.
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Thread Status:
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