[Event] BetterRO Super WOE (11/10/2020)

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    Super WOE Event: Ready! Set! Go!

    On 19 September 2020, we have launched our beta version of the instant super WoE server.
    We tested the game server, applied changes based on player's feedback, tuned everything, and made the superWOE server great and stable, and lag-free. We have completed our WOE trials for SuperWoE on the beta server, to make sure that everything is ready.

    Yes, you saw that banner right. The event will commence on 11/10/2020.
    Get your guild ready, prepare them, and test the mechanics our beta server NOW.

    Call your friends, your competitors, your rival, your archenemy, because this is a platform for everyone. Not only from High Rate but also guilds from Low and Mid rate joining in on the fun too.

    Click on the link below for more details on the server's information:

    Instant SuperWoE Server Information

    In preparation for the event, we strongly encourage you to play, check, and test everything, from mechanics up to the balance of each classes. Try to download the game client, register and confirm the game account, and try the Super WOE Server by yourself.


    Super WOE Event: Purpose and Objective

    Our team has provided a platform for various guilds from Low Rate up to High Rate to compete against each other to be the best guild amongst all. We have created dozens of commands, NPC, features, tools, powerful, lag-free server, proxy servers, protection against hackers, to ensure that the event will be fair, fun, and enjoyable for everyone.

    What is the team's current plan now?
    For now, we're focused on advertising and sending invites for more guilds to join our superWoE server event. The current prize pool of 200 USD may increase depending on the participation of guilds. More guilds = Higher Prize Pool.

    Where do I register my guild?
    You may register here in Guild Registration or our Discord Channel under #super-woe. Registrations will still be open until the event has concluded.


    Why should I even bother trying this event and bring my guild here?

    Simply because we're the first High Rate Server that offers such features for everyone.

    Sure Low Rate/Mid Rate has done Super WOE Events, but never for a High Rate Server

    Therefore, we strongly believe that optimizations and changes make that gameplay a different, new, and breathe of fresh air to the current WoE scene.

    The changes made will not require much from your side to learn new experiences, but only to adapt and understand from another point of view.

    Did we mention that the Prize Pool is most likely to increase?

    It wouldn't hurt you to participate in a free event without any registration fee. Besides that, we strongly believe the GvG will 'inject' you with a different kind of adrenaline rush while standing on the same background like on classic low-rate, and mid-rate servers.

    It's good entertainment, a unique experience and not to mention a platform for networking/recruiting too!

    I'm suspicious and skeptical about this event. What if I win and I don't receive the prize?
    First of all, we have done several weekly giveaways in our Discord channel. That alone is enough to prove that we deliver the prizes to winners. Every, single time.


    I'm a solo player, but I want to join too!
    Sure you can! Hop on and download the client here: Download Link for BetterRO Client.
    There will definitely be guilds looking for mates to fill up the 20 Guild Capacity.

    Where can I get more details on the event?
    Refer to the topic below for more information: Super WoE: Event Information
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