Current State of the Game (First Edition)

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  1. Metasaurus

    Metasaurus Sub-Developer Staff Member

    Heya, it's been awhile. I'm rarely to be seen and only show up sometimes when cover is needed to look after BetterRO, as some of you may know, I am in the midst of developing a Low/Mid-rate server.

    This thread is either for you to discuss, provide feedback, or just listen to the current state of the server, or game. This is a view from my perspective, and there are probably other Meta (Most Effective Tactics Available, yes that's what it means, gad) out there which I am unaware of, and better.

    I am thankful to be given the privilege to access the server's database, while working on mine. It is because of this privilege I am able to give this insight. Maybe I'll do this monthly if I have the extra time. If anyone reads, cool, gives feedback, okay cooler. But if no one reads, no biggie. I could be giving useful tips throughout this thread though, who knows eh? It could also be deleted, since I'm touching on sensitive topics.

    What is the current State of the Game?

    Game-wise, it is packed with frequent updates that I think even players can't even keep up with. You start to get used to several new MVPs today, and few days/weeks later, bunch of MVPs gets released. I understand the approach towards a PvM/PvE (Player vs Monster, Player vs Environment) server, as PVP-based server tend to close down quick. The justification for that is simple;

    The only reason I can think of behind these weekly/bi-weekly updates is simply to keep the current player-base content, happy and making sure they do not get bored. I see the OGs since Beta still drops by every now and then, which is cool of course. (Shoutout to Neesh and Pongs).


    maybe Project Leader is just on YOLO-mode, solo-gaming/developing like y'all tards solo MVPs for these past few weeks/months. Hah, could be. I do not think many servers has an owner that spends some time with community while developing, plus marketing, making sure mechanics is all right and balanced, hosting events and what not. If it were me I would require at least 5g's of *cough* substance *cough* to even be on par to that level. But seriously, your previous developer did not even want to show face in Prontera. Same goes to many other servers. I can somewhat understand why, you know? It's very simple. Developing (that sounds too cool), okay let's call it scripting, and adding custom items/mobs, can be very tiring, same goes to implementing new NPCs. With that fatigue, to be happy and facing the community with their inquiries ( I have entertained a few, and well.. they are, to be frank, annoying at times). Developers and Community DO not go well together, which is why developers mostly delegate these community inquiries to others. One could argue, "It's just coding, dafoq?". I wish that was the case, but for someone who took the initiative to learn scripting the moment Mr. Zoom, the only Developer for BetterRO, went AWOL, missing, it was either learn or you shut it down. Luck was on your side this time, as the latter was not chosen. The things scripters( now that's a better term) face, is inability to find the cause of error. Hah, that is pretty much the reason why most people who do coding,scripting, are very angsty, and zero fuck is given about the outside world until the job is done. Even when it is done, you're too tired to even give a fuck about the outside world anyway. Aaaaand the cycle continues.

    Server's Economy

    Can anyone tell me what is their perspective of the current server's economy? From what I can see here, and all I can say is, stagnant. High volume of trades between players? Nada. Even the Stock Market NPC did more transactions.

    The answer is just this.


    Almost everything can be easily accessed. (Except certain cards and headgears)
    Why would there be any DEMAND, if supply is like, only a mile away to obtain?
    Game-wise, anyone can go kill Thanatos, when it respawns.

    Anyone can buy converters, Poison Bottles, all the damn Priest buffs scrolls, in what?Freakin' 5 different NPCs?

    Best part is, you can go AFK too, and leave your pc for a day at least and pray there's no server reset. Since the environment is built around a concept where "Everything is easy to get",provided that if you know HOW.

    The 'how', can be found in the forum and can be read by anyone who understand simple,basic English.

    Moving on before I go off-topic, this accessibility, that everyone has the privilege of, is the cause of server's economy inability to spur and get that hamster to run on that wheel in its cage , if you know what I mean. Everyone is pampered, well-being taken care of. That is my theory.

    "Can you implement X?"
    "Why so hard to get Y?"
    "This is too hard for me to get Z!"
    "Still not fixed yet?"

    These are the questions, that a developer is reluctant to hear. Now you understand why developers and the community do not go well together?
    If the developer is a hard-ass and they are straight-up have concrete principles (also knows how to say the word 'No'), then it'd be fine.

    Now come on, player A wants item B in NPC C. It gets there to the NPC, the very next day, or even in the next 5-10 minutes. Dafaq?

    So who is to blame here? I'd say all parties, even NPC C. One for being too soft without realizing the consequences, the aftermath, and one for pushing it, knowing well enough to abuse that 'fear' of losing players now, and in the future for not fulfilling the said request/suggestion. I prefer to say opportunist rather than taking advantage, because I am neutral here. And here's what a neutral person, in the internal team, would say:

    "There will be a point that if you push that particular person, to a certain extent, that person, just like any relationship, will just say that "I've had enough.", and proceeds to get the fuck out and move on. And remember what I said about opportunist? What is good for me may not be good for you.

    I'm trying to be gentleman here and give you a pretty nice heads up before I make my move. The server's economy can still be saved despite records showing some blunders here and there, plus botting. It has yet to be rampant (botting, bug abuse, blunders), unlike other servers. Which is why that nightmare mode in Pyramids is a lovely idea (by me, condolences to those who have lost some, sorry) to sink some **** down the drain.

    1. Reduce accessibility for a variety of items, to create demand again. Ignore lazy people and crybabies since that attitude do not get people far in real life either. Sorry, I gotta speak the truth here.

    2. Who said monopoly is bad? Many servers have these 'monopoly' people, and they focus on only one area only, and they made real sure no one else had access to these except them, and them only. Cut off access, you have monopoly, and you are the only one with the item X, or Card Y. Now I'm not going to say that this is the best idea, since pulling this off requires a group of people , minimum two, to ensure that no one else has access to a certain resource. Divide and conquer, veni vidi vici, all that ****, you know?

    3. Implement an approach where players may take weeks, or months to get that ideal item. As of now, the one I can see is the Endgame sets, but those are not so 'tasty'. Effects could be revised, and implement bunch of these approaches (well, fuck you if your justification is "It's HR, everything should be easy!"), the economy may very well get back on track. But hey, I'm no genius. By all means, if you think I'm wrong, shoot me (no asswipe, don't send a bullet to my house, send me a good counter argument to some of the things I have mentioned).

    New Players

    Let's talk about the server's player count first. And boy, it does not look too good. Now, now, I'm not trying to deter new players away, this is hard truth, facts. The server started in, what? November 2020, and from that period until now,the number of players fluctuates around 10-40. I'm referring to players who are active and not afk, just, to put it a simple way, a player that moves around. Vendors in @go 30 are mostly created and stationed there by a handful of players. Checked their info and none of them traces back to the staff, well okay that's nice. Server Integrity intact. Maybe she (you know who), probably requested them to increase the vendor count.

    New players ( same could also be said to old players in certain points), they have many kinds of mentality:
    - The one who wants to see a crowded server ("Hi, how many average online?").
    - The guy who straight-up begs for zeny to GMs and has the thick face to hog and beg players.
    - That dude who wants everything to go their way, from mechanics to item effects.
    - That player who would question almost everything on how the server works and acts like he donated a thousand dollars (whereby he did not donate a single cent), and proceeds to make the server like it is his home, waiting for his home to get burnt without realizing it.

    Nah, I'm just joking over there. Was I?

    The fucking reason why new players do not stay long, or decided to leave could be because of any of the points above.

    But sometimes, these 'reasons' can be hard to identify unless we go and ask them "Hey, why did yall leave?". Typical answers you'll get are pretty much:

    (Aight,fine bruh,things are not up to your preferences, gotchu ma man.)

    (Sometimes, stupidity is something you should just laugh it off and move on.)

    (You think this is your fucking clothes? Buy and change them anytime you like?)

    and many more but I couldn't be bothered to expand this particular topic any further.
    Bottom line is, increase incoming player count so that when these new players leave (do not just completely ignore their reasons of leaving, sometimes there are things that could have been overlooked), it wouldn't matter so much because your influx of new players is higher than leaving, so fuck retention (of players) if it's something that is inevitable.

    1. Go tell your friend to tell his friend along with his cousin and grandma to play the server. Tell them to blast it to all their Facebook friends and even the ones they don't even know or meet irl while we're at it.

    2. Keep up with the updates, but not too often. Chill the fuck out, those players won't run away if you do not have anything new for them next week.

    3. Awareness is key, presence in social media, or anywhere, whatever, Discord, matters. Like a brand, you know? Until you can sell a brick with your brand logo in it, you can never say your brand has sufficient awareness. But let's not go too far with this point, since this will go back to that 'Solo Show feat. Project Lead'. It's not even understaffed, it's like almost one staff and a half (lol) for the past few months until the day I recruited one to reduce workload and throw that particular staff to her. (Ohey,thanks man.)

    Only a handful of player(s), staffs, know what the fuck is up. And to those who are in the 'know', you know what this post is for. To ensure the longevity, and increase the lifespan of this fucking server of course.

    The scene itself.

    Everyone has got to accept the fact, in which I have also went to scour to many SHR servers out there, that the scene, HR scene, let me put this in a nice way.

    A niche market.

    It was no longer like before, you can have shitfuck corrupt GMs, abusive, what not, and bugs not fixed for how many centuries, and you'll still have 500-800 active players online at least. Things have changed boys and gals, those who have played RO are either married, working, or probably sticking that needle with heroine under the bridge, waiting to go to the other dimension. DarkRO is a good example of where they **** on your face, and come back with a big smile on their faces, and say, "We're back up again!" for at least 8 times throughout their 'franchise'. They have the ability to do so thanks to the unique feature they have. BetterRO has an ace up their sleeve, but only viable when it reaches a certain number of players.

    As we all know, majority of RO population, obviously Filipinos, in low-rate servers, grinding non-stop day and night like leveling is fun, and farming itams/cards for their guildmates is the way of life. No one gives jack **** about the quality of in-game life (if that is even a thing) when it comes to PVP-oriented servers. Costumes? Fuck that **** bruh, we ain't here to be pretty. We come to slam yo ass and have bragging rights after getting that castle from you, after that humiliating defeat you faced in the last GvG before WOE ends. Yes that is the exact excitement, or thrill, that most of you, them, or even me (yes, I admit, I am one of them, minus the trashtalk), are looking forward to. I came back from the dead after 10 years of leaving this game behind, to suddenly get so deep, so deep that I never thought of getting this deep like anal deep. Was it worth it? Maybe. Was it still fun and exciting? Of course, just ain't the same like our glory days, is all.

    Okay, now I'm really going to talk about the Current State of the Game (Meta), if there's any. I hope there is? Has anyone read up to this point? Wow, if there is, you sure are a legend. Up to this point, all I have are good intentions to make sure this server can move up to the next phase, instead of staying stagnant despite the frequent updates.

    First Baby Steps

    First, let's just put ourselves as a new player who just started playing in BetterRO, goes to Beginner Zone, just maxed up in Juperos Core.

    What is he suppose to do now?

    A person having the intelligence of at least 450+10 (10 from Better Cape) should already see the signs around the town.

    "How to and FAQ"

    Or if he joined Discord early, and also the forums, then he/she should already know where to look or find to progress further into the game. (Just bear with me here, you'll get the point later.)

    The forum says best way to make money and gear up is Hunting Mission. Oh, the THQ too. That hourly server broadcast says lhz_dun04 is the fastest way to get zeny? But you said zeny is the least valuable currency in the guide? Oh you tried to change that perspective, mentioned in one of the changelog. Okay. (Don't forget to edit that guide later, lol)

    Finally, you get your first MVP weapon and proceed to kill the MVPs above Tier 3 (let's called it high-tier). If I'm not mistaken, the first four renewal MVPs to have their appearance in this server was not too long ago. They were considered the hardest of em' all, and let's not bring Leviathan into this, that douche is next level cunt.

    Now, there is a significance, history-wise, on the implementation of this. The four MVPs, marked the server's first step in moving towards a PvM-based server, and slowly pulling back as the server previously advertise themselves as the PVP/WOE-oriented server. You may not know me yet around this time, but I was there, just watching from the sidelines, zero power, zero authority. Kept quiet and just farmed. (See what I did there?)

    Why this approach was made was already mentioned in the earlier section of this thread. Well it's story time, and once a upon a time, there were two guilds from two different nationalities. They were considered the only active guilds at that moment (aside from that Hispanic guild that was barely alive, but did some wars), and discussions and decisions were only made by the guild leaders and staffs, while we, the underlings continued chilling hoping the best for the future of the server.

    One guild was strict in taking in new members, and only nationality X can join that guild. The other guild was all-rounder, but mostly from nationality Y, rest are from nationality Z, and this Z nation (no, not Zombie) stayed till today (if they stayed till today, it kinda makes them one, a good Zombie of course!).

    Then came the ultimatum, the Walk of Shame (like in Game of Thrones,yes), this one guild had to go through, because they were accused of allegedly abusing HP consumables, that had no delay, giving them the upper hand in some of the battles throughout the rivalry. Is it true? I don't know, maybe. I did say alleged, right? So in the end, guild X slowly left, not all at once, but one by one. They started to not show up anymore during WOE, and it was the one and only rival we had left, and there they go, leaving guild Y, from nationality Y and Z, was the only active guild around. (Oh, did I say we?)

    As time passes by (bear with me just a little bit more, I know I ain't a good storyteller), things were quite dull, because there were no more potatoes, Fries, to play with. Fries, it doesn't sound right. Slowly, internal issues started to arise in guild Y. So, apparently, guild Y had some sort of an agreement with server's management:

    "You give us the mechanics that we are comfortable with, we will bring you the whole server that is dying right now".

    Well, not in those exact words, because this is something I discover only when I became a staff. Am I ruining the server's reputation and integrity? Not at all, because this is history. History is told so it would not be repeated again. If you were offered 2-3 community leaders in exchange for the server's mechanics of their preference (not even @item megingjard, or imbalance items that only this group of people can have), you'd take the offer too. Opportunist, take what is served in front of you. Too bad the agreement was only fulfilled by one party, which caused some bad 'blood' between these two parties.

    Fast forward back to MVP-ing life, more PvM-related elements were pushed like it is Kim Jong Un's propaganda to its citizens with the loudspeaker in their houses. One of the members in guild Y had enough, when his Tjungkuletti (he acted like he had patents on that weapon), was nerfed from 5% HP vanish rate to 2%. "It's time for me to quit. Thank you.", he said. Dude proceeds to leave the Discord server. Even before this incident, player count was already decreasing, day by day, as one player stated that these changes related to PvM are, I quote, "too heavy for some players". The 'end' was near and finally all of the core members and leader of guild Y left, leaving the server with no community leaders.

    This server started with one vision ( I know I act like I know a lot, just be patient ), which is to revolutionize High Rate scene.
    Revolutionize? La casa de Papel? This server gonna go El Professor on the whole HR scene?

    The concept of 'revolutionizing' was pretty much changing how the HR scene was doing their wars all these while.

    300 LUK Status Immunity ? No delay server (Kiel built-in to characters) ?

    These are some of the aspects that many HR servers had, until it become staple that 300 LUK = Status Immune and not 350, not 400. Yes, I know, it was all calculated already. The justification to the number 300 was given by the Tjungkuletti dude:

    Well, it was in our language of course. I translated that. But that was the worst justification or reasoning I have heard throughout my RO life. You fucking with me? Trying to be the genius when you and your leader were just minions in our 92-man guild, when we picked you up and groomed your ass to make you till what you are now? Okay that's too much info. So back to the topic. Really? What about you forcing that build and now everyone has high Perfect Dodge? When some things are just not concrete enough, just demolish it. Physics 101.

    What is this server's initial vision, really?
    "The server BetterRO envisioned was one without status immunity, a team-play based server without Kiel, where you had to have a clown to Poem of Bragi to be able to spam without 3 Kiel Cards and that 2 Expert Rings. A gypsy would run to the stack, full of your guildmates, casting its Slow Grace (also known as, Please Don't Forget Me), like a jihadist with a suicide bomb. With ASPD as a mechanic that heavily affects your spam rate, the Discord voice channel would go hectic mode, asking the professors to dispel their own mates. Yes it was source coded to be able to dispell that effect, since it is so destructive it could bring the whole guild down. 1 for 20, who wouldn't take that trade? It is a confirmed win for the other guild, out-healing their enemies with Slim Potion Pitcher, spammed by 3 Creators, devoted by their dedicated Paladins, and the DPSers would rampage and walk over the stack like it's another stroll in the park."

    That's just one of the scenarios that could happen during a GvG fight. Of course, zerg mode is viable, and always will be in a HR server. So is portal defense. Portal def is considered 'pppuuussieeesss style' gaming, and frowned upon nowadays. Those days that strategy was used by all top guilds, because who the hell wants to get into an fair fight where two guilds meet in an open area and just throw skills towards each other?

    That's pretty much about BetterRO's history.
    Damage has been done. **** happens. Opportunities were not taken, or well taken care of, to be precise.

    tl;dr? No, fuck you. Read.

    Let's move on to the present day.

    MVP is Love, MVP is Life

    Is the current motto of the core players here in BetterRO. No, I'm not insulting. These are the people who believed in this server, and I hope they still do. Without them, the server would just be another ghost town like every other HR servers out there, filled with 100-300 vendors. In hopes of trying to bring back a HR server like its former glory days, unlike some HR servers that re-opened and had good numbers online thanks to their old reputation, BetterRO has a long way to go to reach its new goal, or whatever goal it is trying to achieve at the moment.

    From my observation, it is infusing renewal stuff such as mobs and items to a pre-renewal server creates a breath of new, fresh air. I applaud this move, but I won't go into details about the pros and cons, all that bullshit. We'll just go straight to what I'm trying to convey.

    It is true, that instances, one of the the aspects in RO that was not fully ventured into. Someone said that to me, I forgot who. From Sealed Shrine up to Sky Fortress (the last known instance, that I've heard), this aspect of the game promotes team-play. Sadly, it turned into a fucking solo gaming, again. I was also told that, MVP team-play was also one of BetterRO's early visions, but gave in to the majority to reduce players quitting because of it being too hard. Just because you're stupid enough to fucking solo the damn MVP, unable to do a teamplay-gaming, you decide to quit and justify it as, again, "HR is suppose to be easy! Drop rates too while we're at it". Sometimes you wonder where do these people came from, and these are one of the times where you wonder how low can humanity go in years to come?

    You're starting to realize this thread was not about Meta (Most Effective Tactics Available)? Hah, you're funny. That's my nickname, by the way. Okay let's talk meta/tactics then. Soon.

    The current skill damage modifier, for example, was an 'okay' move. Why just okay? Because from what the community comprises of, and what the implementation could affect the community including players, I gave it 5/10. It helps the new players, you say? Boy, you're in for a joyride, because guess what? It widens the gap between old and new when it comes to killing them MVPs. But wait, I have access to good information, like how much % increase was given to each and every skill that was given the 'boost'.

    So if a new player were to play this server, what would be best without MVP equipment and weapon? (Ignore her post in #suggestion because she was supposed to get the damage without the MVP weapon,lol). But inputs without it are welcomed, and by all means please assist her to find the, what? Equilibrium? Okay. Tough cookie but possible.

    A new player, in my opinion (not yours, go make your own thread), would, and should go for Champion or *drumrolls*..

    High Wizard!

    You shitting me? That farmer class again? Yes, bitch. The farmer class. Because we're all farmers, and we start as one until you become somewhat of an elite and just AFK doing nothing and getting something.

    "Please justify! You keep telling others to justify. _|_ "

    I've done my own tests, without anyone watching of course. The main skill you will be using, is Jupitel Thunder. It should bring down any Tier 1-2-3 MVPs, except the new MVPs (unless you have the desire to fucking die 8356570 times be my guest, its possible). This beauty will deal at least 100k+ PER HIT (100k x 12) because level 10 is 12 hits duh, around 1mil+ per Jupitel Thunder, without any item that affects MATK. Newbies have 0 reason to not MVP because of this, and wait, I have more, before you say:

    "It's wind property, I can't kill all MVPs, come on!"

    The next answer is of course, Napalm Vulcan. This bastard, even though it only deals 20k per hit without equipment, but with decent MATK gears, that you can get in Maysel (Fuck it, just buy a wand at BG shop), it can be your next alternative in MVP killing. 3rd runner up goes to Earth Spike (Awesome, right Profs?), then the AOE skills, that deal huge damage, like 500-700k Storm Gust and 100k+ Meteor Storm. Now we go to the one last skill, that even a Professor wish they had such skill. _|_

    I may have exaggerated the greatness of this skill, but as long as we're talking 80k-200k spam, you're bound to kill any MVP even in the highest tier, if you have the patience lol. Did I just lol? Well, fuck you, back to serious ****.

    It's called Magic Crasher. And y'all know it deals damage depending on the enemies' Defense. Now ain't that a familiar phrase? Sounds like thanatos effect to me, only if you have thanatos though. You don't, since you just started the game. But it'll do. Yes, thanatos works with this skill, I hope you don't try to prove me wrong because I might just fuck y'all upside down.

    Second best class goes to Champion (if they have AOE skill I'd place them first), with the enormous amount of damage thrown by using Asura Strike, followed by Finger Offensive, and sometimes Investigate/Palm Push Strike/Excruciating Palm (all 3 somewhat deal around that damage, except Investigate fluctuating like Taipei 101 then goes down lower than that hooker you smoked with when you're done).

    Whitesmith, and LK, and Sinx can take the third podium, because I do not feel the need to justify this spot. Cart Termination can deal good enough of a damage but since it's melee, and you might just die before reaching the MVP, this is why these three classes are third place because they are friggin' melees. But there's a reason I put all three in this spot:

    Tomahawk Throwing (once you've progressed enough)
    Soul Destroyer (Thank me later)
    Spear Boomerang (Meh, but putting it ffs)

    For the class to have these range attack gives enough flexibility to play around with them fkin' MVPs, which sometimes makes you wanna rage so much, since you die too much (What, you think I don't die, and I am All-Mighty?).

    Did I just forget Sniper? Fuck that class. Soul Linker too while we're at it. LOL, sorry there boy.

    // -- Conclusion

    "That's it? I read a fucking long post only to be given such information that I may or may not already have known!?"

    Yes, if you have any issues, take it up to the other staff. Oh wait, what's that? Someone said that I am the Project Leader itself? Up yo ass, pendejo, but I'll let it slide since I have last few things to say before I disappear for quite a very long time that you may even quit before I show my face to you again. This thread was never about the Current State of the Game but if I had to shove it to your face, it's the server's survival and the community is rooting and cheering for it to go down, that is what I see right fucking now boys.

    This thread has done its fair share of providing me the ability to convey a message to different groups in a subliminal way, that some may look at it as:

    1. Crazy
    2. Comedy
    3. Threat
    4. Insult
    5. Just pure psychopath in the making
    6. Understanding, and valuable
    7. History Lesson
    8. Pure garbage due to low IQ, unable to comprehend. Error 404
    9. A thread that is aimed towards those who are in the 'know'
    10. Just another rant

    or all of above, except No.8.

    Bottom line, server has potential. Just stick with what you got, stay loyal (while I vigorously perform anal in another server), and be grateful of what you have, also work together to build a better one. The backbone of any server will, and always will be (not the staff, you douche), its community.

    And we move on to the cliché phrase that all Twitterkids,IG,FB always put on their wall:

    "You'll only realize it when it's gone."

    All it takes is just a little push, and you can bid farewell because you know what I'll do. :)

    Check, your turn.

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    nice rant, but understanding and valuable.. now if only "the community" realize this..