[Changelogs] Bug Fixes & Updates (20.11.2020)

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    Thank you for your feedback. Here is the list of changes from the applied to the game server update:

    • Max Cart weight 40.000, was 8.000
    • client: Corrected some headgears bonuses and descriptions: Green Scarf, Khalitzburg Knight Helm
    • item: Upgraded loot boxes.
    • Item: Corrected White Lady Card bonus and description.
    • Shop: Added Ice Pick to Daggers shop (@go 30)
    • NPC: Old Wise woman (card remover) will ask only for zeny instead of extra loot for her services.
    • MVP Hunter NPC: Removed duplicate consumable items.
    • BG: Enabled back all games.
    • BG: upgraded Erundek rewards and prices.
    • BG: Every Friday, after the rest of the BG ranks, the top 3 BG-ranked players in the list will receive via mail rewards. First place: 250 BG Badges, Second Place 150 BG Badges, Third Place 100 BG Badges.
    • Quests: Maysel updates (new headgears and changes based on feedback to some other headgears loot requirements)
    • Mob: Sealed Shrine Great Demon Baphomet will no longer drop Better Coins after death.
    • Mob: Updated Nidhoggr's Shadow MVP: HP and stats.
    • Refiner: impossible to refine since the update all new mid/low headgears more than +4.
    • Added warp portal to mosk_que (required for Hunting Missions sometimes) to mosk_dun01 field (45, 250)
    • Skill: Quagmire and Traps will not affect the caster, only enemies.
    • Skill: Pressure - added fixed delay for 1s.
    • Skill: Loki Veils and Hermode‚Äôs rod Blocked on WoE.
    • Skill: Assumption usable everywhere (in bg, woe, PVP), while assumptio scroll will not work on WoE/BG.
    • Client: Updated description of items and Decrease Agility description.

    In the next update, we will be focused on events and new features.
    The team would like to thank you again for your suggestions and bug reports. As you can see, we consistently listen to the players' feedback to improve BetterRO, making it the ideal server for the community.