[Changelogs] Bug Fixes & Updates (12.11.2020)

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    Thank you for your feedback.

    This is quite a huge update, therefore it took us some time to implement.

    First of all, please run the patcher for taking all the latest patches for your game client.

    If you were having any issues that provoke your problems, and you can't play because of that, report about that to any GM online, and we will find a solution for a problem.

    MVP related changes:

    The Thanatos quest is completely disabled and will not need to summon the Thanatos.
    Everyone can find the Thanatos spawned on the thana_boss map every 5 hours (+- 10 mins).

    Boitata and Lady Tanee and Hardrock Mammoth
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Corrected MVP behavior and MVP Tickets rewards.
    Hardrock Mammoth also become an MVP (originally mini-boss).

    Global for all MVPs:
    We reviewed many MVP's and lowered their damage dramatically, the same as many stats recalculations to make them much easier to kill and tank. These changes affect almost all MVPs and mini-bosses.

    New MVP Arena location:

    All mid and low slots headgears now refinable.

    Added a big list of new items to the @go 30 zone.


    We implemented Guild Packages.
    Information about requirements, limitations, and details you will find in further notices and topics or here on the forum or in Discord.

    Explanation about bowling bash:


    We got a report that the skill is bugged. While this is not a bug, this is a feature.
    Please check the skill description. The skill will make double attacks only on levels 3-7. Not on lvl 1,2,8,9,10.

    Added Better Coin Exchanger:

    Where to get Better Coins?
    First of all, all players playing the game will automatically receive Better Coins.
    It would be best if you went on an adventure to find these coins. Hunting Missions is a good example to start.

    Esma skill (Soul Linker) will have a -50% damage penalty if used against boss type monsters. Also, we changed to the original mechanics of the skill (require Estin, Estun cast first).

    Misc Changes

    New Healer Behavior:
    • all maps: bless + agi + full heal + remove negative buffs.
    • bg only: +repair inventory
    • PVP only: +repair inventory

    Not sorted changes:
    • Disabled in some BG games (deathmatch) displaying to all players enemy positions on the minimap.
    • Gold drop rate is at 1%, Treasure Box at 5%.
    • Hunter System: completely disabled top hunter of the day feature until further notice.
    • The new location of Repair Man.
    • All players from the castle owner guild at the end of the WoE will receive per member: 20 BG Badges and 20 Better Coins.
    • Corrected some misspellings in NPC
    • Maysel decides to change several requirements for several quest items.
    • Chocolate Pie (ID: 12322) is now dropped by Yoyo (ID:1057)
    • The drop rate of very common items (like jellopies) reduced back to the previous update rate.
    • Removed Life Sink, Elemental sword from hunting missions, and bg.
    • Added ice-pick to daggers shop (@go 30) for 30kk
    • Modification and small improvements of Lottery, reducing it odds to hit jackpot.
    • Added new rewards to Treasure Box, MVP reward System, Donations Shops.
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