[Changelogs] BetterRO Update 20.11.2020

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    Dear Players,

    Sincere apologies for the unscheduled maintenance. Changelogs are as follows:

    Changelog 9.1 2021
    - Gamble Lootbox (ID:48000) is now obtainable from MVPs (only in their default spawn only) [10% chance]

    - Yggdrasil Berry/Seed is now disabled in PVP and will not affect MVP maps with PVP on.

    - Ravenclaw and White Dove % proc fixed.

    -A spot to test builds and damages on Emperium and Barricade (Infinite Spawn) is now available in Prontera.

    - Gemini S-58 Eyes (Lower Headgear) change from lower headgear to middle headgear.

    - Fix Treasure Box issue spawning boxes with loots at very low chance. It will now drop 100%.

    -Trow Stone Event = Mispelling in the event name."Throw" Corrected.

    Some notes:
    Mario Event = Players unable to move after warped back to Prontera

    At some mini-games players getting extra bonuses that block them or permit something to do. That bonus with timer, for 600 seconds (10 mins). The bonus always removed when players click NPC to exit. Or if they do charselect, or after 600 seconds the bonus will be removed too. But i'm agree, there must be tune ups.

    P/S: We will not release the re-work customs today due to the fact WS vs WS is tomorrow. This may affect the competition in many aspects (Players buying the item with CP, players can't farm on time, and many other issues that may arise throughout the event). We hope you understand.

    Thank you again for your continuous support, and let's make RO great again. <3