[Changelog] Christmas Update (24.12.2020)

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    Christmas Update 24.12.2020

    Recently we have hosted a 1v1 PVP Event, leading to a pile of suggestions for the past few days. The management acknowledges that there has been a slight delay for this update.

    Taking into account the server's class balance and the team's tests on its new features, we decided that it was best to reschedule the anticipated update in for a few days. We hope that the community understands that the delay is for the betterment for the server and our beloved players.

    Note: Christmas Sale will begin on the 25th of December, where will not be specifying the exact time. However, we will be doing events throughout the day.

    Class Balance

    Our Discord Channel in Suggestions section has been quite intense these last few days. We'd like to thank everyone for their feedback and the management hopes that the staff and community can communicate with each other better, and in a more polite manner.

    1. Bacsojin now gives Champion only 10% instead of 40%. Description is still correct.
    2. Pneuma's duration reduced from 12 seconds to 3 seconds.
    3. Snipers's Detect range increased from 9 to 12 cells.
    4. Decrease Agility now has 1 second cooldown.


    Item/Cards/NPC Modifications

    1.Archer-class including Snipers can now wear Halloween Premium Scarf.
    2.Ring of Jupital Thunder side effect reduced from -25% Max HP to -5% Max HP.3
    3.Fixed issue where Lord of Death Helm gives +10 INT instead of +10 STR
    4. Cyan Premium Scarf now gives 25% movement speed.
    5. Amon Ra card now requires => 400 INT to gain 10% chance to cast Level 10 Kyrie Eleison. Any lower than that amount will only have 3% chance. Note that the description of the card has yet to be edited. The script is working as intended.
    6. Telma now gives one free gamble lootbox after 5 wins of each modes in Battleground.
    7. New items and customs are added in Maysel Quest. Maysel's Christmas Collection will temporarily rotate daily in regards of its items' lists.
    8. GVG Map added. HP consumables are still enabled in both PVP and GVG maps for now until further notice.

    New Features

    1. Pierce the Machine is a Norman (Human) that was temporarily cursed by Naddy and he has now turned into a lottery machine. He is a very compulsive gambler, and to activate the mission you have to give him, or it, a 17 Carat Diamond. The NPC will tell you how to get the item.


    - It will mention the amount of cards that he has left for you to play. Once it reaches zero, it will deactivate and you have to wait for a certain period of time before you can activate it again, with a 17 carat diamond.

    - Since the NPC is a compulsive gambler, all he ever wanted was a Gamble Lootbox. Each lootbox offered to him can be exchanged for four types of Scratchcard:

    Platinum Scratchcard
    Gold Scratchcard
    Silver Scratchcard

    Bronze Scratchcard

    - Platinum has the lowest chances to get an item in return for the rarest items/costumes in-game. Yes that includes our custom wings. According to the order above, Bronze will have the highest chance with average/mediocre items. Wings are also available too in each category.

    - We will not reveal the list of what is inside this Pierce Machine. The only hint we can give is that each scratchcard has a low chance of getting a one-of-a-kind item, since it's drop rate could very well be near to official server's card drop rate (0.01%).

    2. Improvised Event System


    - You no longer have to logout and create a Level 1 Novice to join the mini events! Just talk to the Event Girl and there will be several type of games that you can play.

    - The winner will receive 1 Event Ticket per play.
    - There is a cooldown of 30-60 minutes depending on the mode of the game.

    3. New Card effects

    -Atroce Card (ID: 4425)
    • ATK+ 250
    • When dealing a physical attack there is a small chance that for 10 seconds your ASPD will increase by 100%.
    - Gemini-S58 Card (ID:4354)
    • [Base Agility >= 250]
      Add a 90% resistance against Silence and Stun.
    • [Base Vitality >= 250]
      Add a 90% resistance against Stone Curse and Sleep.
    - Ygnizem Card (ID:4352)
    • Every 3 seconds, you recover 5000 HP and 500 SP.
    • Increases Maximum HP and Maximum SP by 15%.
    - Sniper Card (ID: 4367)
    • Doubles SP consumption cost when using skills
    • Increase Sharp Shooting damage by 25%
    - Doppelganger Card (ID:4142)
    • Increase wearer's Attack Speed to 197
    - Dracula Card (ID:4134)
    • Enable a 30% chance of gaining 10% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as SP with each attack.
    - Archangeling Card (ID:4241)
    • Maximum HP + 5%
    • [Base INT >= 450]
      Resistance to Frozen status by 80%
    -High Wizard Card (ID: 4365)
    • Ignores MDEF of normal monsters.
    • Increases variable cast time by 100% and reduces SP Recovery by 100%.
    • Drains 2,000 SP when the compounded headgear is unequipped.
    • (Hidden Attribute: Increase 20% more magic damage to Players.)
    - Entweihen Crohen Card (ID: 4451)
    • MATK 15%
    • STR - 10
    • There is a small chance to cause damage and Curse status ailment to every enemies in the screen they are in.
    - Eddga Card (ID: 4123)
    • Enable effect of the Endure skill so long as the Footgear to which this card is compounded is equipped.
    • Maximum HP + 10%
    - Pharaoh Card (ID:4148)
    • Max SP -15%
    • Reduce SP Consumption of skills by 15%
    • Increase Chocolate Pie's healing rate by 15%
    - Beelzebub Card (ID:4145)
    • Reflect 10% of all Physical Range Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it.
    • Flee - 30
    - Hydrolancer Card (ID: 4384)
    • Reduce reflected magic damage by 10%
    - Dark Priest Card (ID: 4171)
    • Add a 5% chance of decreasing enemy's SP amount by 5% when attacking.
    • [Sage, Professor]
      Gains 500 SP every time when doing physical attack on monsters.
    Thank you again for the community's feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by our team. The management will strive to improve in various aspects towards a better server for everyone.
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