[Changelog] BetterRO Bugfixes & Updates (25.05.2021)

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    Hello, changelog for the latest update are as follows:

    Changelog 25.05.2021

    - Added Prontera's NPC to Lunette and plans to migrate to the new town (slowly) will begin.
    - Updated missing item description.
    - All THG quests have its reward increased, referring to normal quests (Not red in colour).
    - Cost to join THG Guild reduced from 2.5m to 1m zeny.
    - THG's quest requirement increased to align as per changes mentioned above.
    - MVP Challenge NPC time limit increase from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.
    - Fixed Endless Cellar not being able to enter into the instance.
    - Old Glast Heim time limit increased from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
    - Charleston Crisis time limit reduced from 40 hours to 2 hours.
    - MVPs in Endless Cellar slightly modified.
    - Last Room instance difficulty slightly increased.
    - Pierce NPC will now ask you for White Powder instead of Gamble Lootbox, and will change its requirements from time to time.
    - Telma (NPC in @go 15) now rewards 'Prontera Badge'(10% damage to Boss, 10% reduction from Boss) instead of Surprise Old Red Box (Gamble Lootbox) upon completion of 10 participation points of each BG modes. The rewards will change regularly.
    - Luna NPC now sells Premium Enchant Ticket for Costume Enchant in exchange for Mission Medals.
    - Skill-matching game (Mavis Vermillion NPC now changed to Vie) now rewards an Achievement Ticket upon winning the game. The amount of Achievement Tickets you can win is unlimited.
    - Vendors who vend in the middle @go 30 will be relocated without notice.
    - Donation Shop now only converts Cashpoints to Better Coin.
    - Fixed Charleston instance's warp not appearing, and NPCs not appearing.

    - Super Novice gears in @go 30 description added, intended for PvM purposes only. It will be auto-removed upon entering PvP Arena/BG/WOE.
    - Fixed Nightmare Amon Ra Card in regards to its position from Armor to Footgear.
    - Fixed Leviathan Card not working as intended.
    - Burning Bow (from Blue Ifrit) item description updated.
    - Added enchantable costume headgears in Maysel Quest under 'Limited Edition Collections'.
    - Charleston now drops Pile Bunker.
    - Mobs in Charleston instance now have increased drop rate for Explosive Powder.

    - Royal Cletta (drops Cletta Card) now spawns in Endless Cellar.
    - Bloodlust Ktullanux now spawns in Endless Cellar.
    - Last floor level in Endless Cellar now spawns 3rd Class Bio MVPs instead of the normal Bio 3 MVPs.
    - Soheon's HP increased from 500m to 900m.
    - Winterking Elm (from Cemetery Event) now no longer immune to skills. However,it is still immune to magic.
    - 6th floor of Turtle Dungeon (tur_dun06) now spawns a Guardian King (MVP) surrounded with ancient/overpowered mobs.
    - Nightmare Amon Ra's skills slightly modified.
    - Fixed Golden Atroce's slave (Golden Golem) giving sacrifice and heal to players.
    - Golden Golem HP increased from 25m to 75m.
    - Stefan.J.E.Wolf's slave (Frozen Wolf) changed to Insidious Shadow (ID:2941)
    - Bloodlust Ktullanux now spawns in Endless Cellar.
    - Bijou's slaves HP (Thoraks) reduced from 900m to 300m.
    - Skelion HP increased from 350m to 750m.
    - Fixed Soheon not dropping its card.
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