Bloody mercenary PVP/Battleground

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jason1993, May 22, 2021.

  1. Jason1993

    Jason1993 New Member

    PVP and battleground are both the least played games on the server as users normally prefer to hunt MVPS. But Battleground requires at least 4 adversaries and PVP does not attract all users because; firstly some feel that their character is not strong enough, and secondly because they need equipment and mvp cards so they can battle accurately. I strongly believe that the solutions need to focus on two vital points: reward and requirement. Bloody mercenary PVP/Battleground may be one possible remedy.

    Promote PVP and Battleground duels, which will also encourage the players to get equipment from BG and instances.
    Promote the usage of other currencies such as bloody coins, mora coins, silver coins and so on.

    -City Centre
    NPC Bloody mercenary challenge

    -Inside the colosseum.
    The area is going to be divided into 2 sections, on each section there will be two NPC that will allow you to hire a mercenary, allowing players to have an NPC henchman to fight at their side. Players will be able to support, party with, and control a Mercenary using an updated version of the Homunculus System.
    To invoke a contract with a Mercenary and summon one to the player's side, scrolls must be purchased. The cost of scrolls increases with higher grade Mercenaries, and the maximum grade of Mercenary that can be summoned is limited by a character's Base Level.
    The cost of the mercenary could be Bloody coin, mora coin, or silver coin.
    -2 players + 2 mercenaries each
    -PVP arena

    Game rules
    The game consisted of 1 duel. During the duel each player needs to kill both the mercenary and the opponent.
    Before the duel the players will have 2 minutes to get ready for the duel.
    At the end of the fight, will receive 50 BG.

    The weapon restrictions are already established:
    -TQH are forbidden
    -Some new MVP cars are forbidden.
    1 PVP box
    1 achievement ticket
  2. Vie

    Vie Staff Member

    I wish it would pause players from MVPing and join this challenge, but I doubt that will be the case.
    This requires discussion in Discord on what 'pauses' them from MVPing to BG.
  3. Jason1993

    Jason1993 New Member

    The requirements, normally we are always hunting mvps solo, but doing instances in pairs. But battleground asks for 4 participants, which is a lot as all of our mates are normally online in different hours. With mercenaries this could be solved even if you enter alone to the battleground arena if someone sees that only one members is necessary they will join as they will have a mercenary o 2 mercenaries with them. Another important point is that we normally prefer to hunt mvps because of the gamble boxes and boss tickets, if BB (30 o 40 per battle ground) are given to the player, PVP box (the same as mvp box) and also a pvp ticket these rewards will be equated to hunt mvps.
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