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  1. johnthoughts

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    Hello GM,

    I just want to say something, been playing your server for.. I guess 3 months now more or less, as time passes by playing this server.. It bores me, I think I'm not the only one who felt this, one of the reason is that there's no excitement when it comes to BG, PVP or WOE, I haven't experienced WOE. BG? Players preferred boss hunting compare to BG, maybe because of the rewards they get by killing boss, I think it's worth their time instead of participating BG.. What I'm trying to say is that, I think it would be best if you guys think of a way how to make BG, PVP or WOE more exciting, I guess you guys might consider changing the reward in BG so that players will choose to participate in BG instead of boss hunting. PVP and WOE might follow, since player will focus on their PVP build if they get interested on participating BG and I guess newbies will stay longer, because so far I noticed new comers is not staying on your server, most of players are doing boss hunt, some are doing quest and AFK.
  2. Opus

    Opus Staff Member

    The issue is lack of players. The end.

    On a serious note: We will try to improve BG (which we did), rewards are good. Items in BG shop = Good.

    Players = Missing.

    Increase BG rewards? You do know constant BG-ing will get you at least 1.2k BG Badges per 4 hours. I believe 40 for winner and 30 for loser would suffice on non-happy hours.

    We will implement some contents in regards to PVP/WOE. Thank you.
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