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    BetterRO's Staff Directory
    Names listed below are our staff members. If any other players claim that they are the staff of BetterRO, please report to us or send a support ticket.

    Vie : Project Leader
    The owner of the Better RO server. Can be seen in-game under GM Vie once in a blue moon. Dedicates most of her time behind the scenes, working with the developer on future updates, bug fixes and implementing community's suggestion.

    Zoom: Developer
    Has 9 years experience as a developer. Spends half of his day everyday working on betterRO for the past few months. Has made unique contents for other servers and several commands.

    Pierce: Head GM / Admin
    Administrator of the server, French-speaking and engages with the community. Occassionally hosts events including the weekly MVP Invasion. One of the key person who is involved in decision-making for the server in terms of implementing player's feedback.

    Naddy: Community Manager / Admin
    Manages the community in-game and in Discord. Tries her best to respond to player's inquiries as quick as possible. She's also involved in decision-making in the management team. She can be aggressive at times but nevertheless a dedicated community manager.

    Chanelle: Discord Supervisor
    Chanelle is in-charge of reporting all movements and activities in Discord. She will not speak or talk, or reply to you. Monitor is her only job scope. Consider her the All-seeing Eye.

    Opus/Helper/Officer: Support GM
    In-charge of catching botters,Naddy too sometimes if she has the time. Occassionally hosts events. Plays RO since 2008. Does not have much information about him. Mostly works behind the scenes. You can say he's a shy one. All it matters that he gets his job done. Not in Discord and Forums.

    Zero: Head of Mechanics
    Zero is not a person. It is a team dedicated on testing and analyze BetterRO's current mechanics, in-charge of balancing. If anything feels out of place or imbalance, the suggestions will go through them and they will decide whether it deserves a change or not. Some suggestions go to polls but when critical aspects of class balance or items may jeopardize the server's longevity, they will take over. For a better future, for all of us.

    nomana: Head of Social Media
    nomana has played RO since its early, glory days of 2006-2008. He can be seen in-game and Discord but mostly handles social media inquiries, such as Facebook, Instagram and Forums. Liase closely with the Graphics Department.

    Ren: Head of Graphic Design
    Ren regularly provides the server with attractive banners, and he has done banners for several servers. Unfortunately, he is not in our Discord, for privacy purposes.

    Special Mention

    Rhu: Retired Admin / Ex-Owner
    One of the key person who made sure this server become a reality. He was the person who accepts the partnership proposal of Better RO project, in which his partner left the project after some time. He continued with the project until Vie came along (she was only a staff in the beginning), and approached both Rhu and his partner to buy them out. Both Rhu and his partner accepts the proposal and passed the project to her. Was around for awhile after server opened but decided to retire to pursue his diplomat job. Covered Vie and Pierce when they were not around. Recruited Naddy to make sure the server is still in order.