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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ket, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. Ket

    Ket New Member

    Hello guys
    First of all I want to say thank you for your work and creating such nice server. I didnt paly RO for about 10 years. At evenings im having fun and refreshing my old memories on your server.

    I have several questions and advices about Champions, hope you will help me to solve them.

    1. I recognized that maximal SP rate that has influence on Asura strike is above 6000-7000k. Maybe it would be more interesting to make it unlimited, or just increase it ? Because such card as Lady Tanee is almost useless on your server for Champions.

    2. In the one of last update is saying: Asura Strike now deals 500% more damage to MVPs.
    I didnt recognized this damage increasment. Im talking not about visuable animation "99999999" . During MVP-hunting, i remember how much % of hp im leaving to monster after Asura strike, and it didnt change. I made skill reset, but nothing changed.

    3. Drake card is also almost useless (not only on this server). I see you are making nice balanced changes to different cards, so maybe it will be better to change it (Drake card) properties to something more interesting. Something like: +30% to MVPs, or +30% for Asura strike :) , etc.

    4. At the last update you made an AWESOME stuff from Treasue Hunter Guild. Almost all proffesions got amazing weapons, but Armagedon (weapon that can be equiped on Champion) cant opposite in coolnest to bows for snipers and other weapons. Maybe you will make more bonuses for this weapon ?)

    Thank you for your patience, and have a good day !

    P.S: Sorry for my english :)
  2. Opus

    Opus Staff Member

    Thanks your feedback
    You are looking at lady tanee the long way. Using lady tanee will only cost you 1 box of panting (If im not mistaken, to get 6k SP back. Then you can spam an endlless -asura that give 500% damage boost to Boss monsters.

    Please bear in mind that, not all skill damage increase can be edited through databse. Hur we will try to fix asso. Thanks.
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