Grand Opening Event between many WoE guilds on High Rate Scene

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Your brand new and Better Ragnarok Online

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What is BetterRO?

Improved High Rate with classic mechanics

Revolutionizing gameplay on High Rate Ragnarok Online scene like never before. Check it out below:

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Basic Info and Levels

Max Level: 500\120
Max Stats: 450
Episode: 13.2 + Customs
Instant Cast: TBD dex


Exp and Drop Rates

Exp/Job rate: 25000x
Drop Common: 100% chance
Equip Drop: 30% chance
Cards Drop (MVP): 10%
No MVP Cards in WoE


General Features

All common NPC
DDoS, cheats protected
International Community
Anti-Lag solutions + proxy
Lightweight and fast gameclient


Server Features

Explaining every detail would be too many. Here are some highlights of the main ones:

  • Tick Improved Battle Competition (WoE,BG,PVP)
  • Tick Improved Solo Experience (Commands, NPCs)
  • Tick Improved Party Gameplay (MVP Systems, Instances)


Great amount of quests, instances, dungeons, custom maps, events, vending place, and special zones

  • Tick 500+ quests, items, and achievements
  • Tick 1000+ costumes and palettes
  • Tick No overpowered items and skills

High quality and ultimate balance is our team's mission

We focused on each gamer-type's needs like never before

MVP Hunters


MVP Hunter's Features



Guilds and WoE Features



Style Customizations Features



Overall Game Balance

Super WoE Event

Never before, first in class High Rate Global International WoE event between many guilds prior to the game server opening. Don't miss it! Organized your guild and prove your worth!

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Download Ragnarok Client

Make sure you register for an in-game and forum account. We will notify players before the SuperWoE event. After the Grand Super WoE event we will launch the game server.

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Full Client

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Direct Download


Frequently Asked Questions

We value your feedback and will do our best to answer every question

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Simply because the project is ran by talanted RO devs with great experience of doing interesting and entertaining games. We guarantee, that BetterRO will be ahead and above of the current competitors in the Ragnarok Online High Rate scene.

Prior to the game server opening we will organize global international Super WoE event on instant WoE server with the mechanics of the future BetterRO, we envision to revolutionize WoE in the HR community.

Currently, the game server is under active development and testing. We plan to open the game server in August
Sign Up today, join our Discord and Forums to be notified about opening date.

We plan to upload the game client on our website when all guilds have registered for Super WoE and all necessary arrangements for the grand event have been made. Than we will upload and update links and notify players about the changes.